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TouchPose+ (Preview)


TouchPose was released a couple of weeks ago to the cydia repos, and with it came an average amount of hype. Mainly among the video making crowd, as it brings a fantastic feature for people wishing to demonstrate things on their iPhone. With TouchPose+ the pretence of the tweak is the same, however it brings… Read More

Camera Grabber for iOS 5 – iOS 5.1 Camera Lock


With the release of iOS 5.1, one of the most renowned featured was the addition of the camera slider on your lockscreen. This removed the need to double tap your homebutton, thus making it quicker and more efficient. However all of the world’s jailbreakers sighed with slight annoyance, at the fact that they would have to keep… Read More

iOS 5.1 Jailbroken on iPad 2 – i0n1c

Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 9.22.03 AM

Just a week after the release of iOS 5.1, developer/jailbreaker i0n1c has demoed a jailbreak for the new firmware on newer devices. As we reported earlier, pod2g, the one behind the iOS has been searching for vulnerabilities in the software, but i0n1c seems to have beaten him. I0n1c is known for the previous iOS 4.3.x… Read More

Jailbreak 5.1 on iPhone 4/3GS, iPad, iPod Touch with Sn0wbreeze 2.9.2


For those of you that would rather not use redsn0w to jailbreak your device for whatever reason, iH8sn0w has released his jailbreak tool for 5.1, known as sn0wbreeze. This tool works by building a custom firmware, just like the “Custom IPSW” option in redsn0w. Note also that this is only available for Windows users, and… Read More

Jailbreak iOS 6 [ 6.0 / 5.1.1 / 5.1 / 5.0.1 / 5.0 ] on iPhone 4S, 4, iPod Touch, And iPad 2, 1 [Tutorial]


    Welcome to JailbreakNation’s iOS  6.0 / 5.1.1 / 5.1 /5.0.1 / 5.0 Ultimate Jailbreak/Unlock Guide   Untethered vs. Tethered An untethered jailbreak means you can turn off your device and reboot without the use of a computer. A tethered jailbreak means you can not reboot your device if you turn it off without the use of a… Read More