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Top 20 iOS 6 Tweaks: Minimalist iPhone (Video)


The iPhone 5 is a solid device in the hardware and software side, but some users want more from their fruity device. Jailbreaking enables the user to download apps from Apple’s App Store, and from the user-made Cydia store. The Cydia store works the exact same way as the App Store. Users can download, and… Read More

A Quick Look at a Red & White iPhone 5


Yesterday, I attended the Gadget Show Live press day, here in the UK. If you don’t know, it’s a convention aimed for companies to display their tech and gaming items to consumer and members of the press. This year was mainly gaming focused, however there were quite a few booths devoted to iPhones and iOS… Read More

Chromo Inc. Lightning Cable Review (Video)


Apple products are not cheap. They tend to come with a premium, and this is no exception. Apple’s new line of 2012 devices take the Lightning Cable. The dilemma is the majority of consumers have invested money in the 30-pin cables, and with the new cable, it renders those obsolete. Apple’s current Lightning Cable retails… Read More

T-Mobile Announces the iPhone 5 (Video)

T-Mobile Announces iPhone 5

The last carrier to receive the iPhone is T-Mobile. That has now changed with their Uncarrier event which was debuted today. The Deutsch-Telekom company announce their brand new 4G LTE network, alongside with the iPhone 5 and HTC One. This was expected as their PR reps. leaked some of the info before the event, and… Read More

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display (Video)

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display

We have reported on many new options in which the iPhone 5S’s screen could be. A new report is speculating that two iPhone’s could be released one resembling the current iPhone 5, with more-economical options, and a totally new configuration. This next iPhone could be 4.5-inches, and feature a polycarbonate body. As we saw on… Read More

Charge Your iPhone On The Go With ChargeCard The Phone To USB cable That Fits In Your Wallet


Whenever one of us on the JBN team finds anything interesting or innovative enough to buy, we love to share the product with our viewers and see what they think. Every once and a while a great iPhone accessory is released from crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter. After a successful funding a new product named ChargeCard is ready for pre-orders for… Read More

Change of an era: Jailbreak lag


Ever since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, users have been able to Jailbreak their devices, to allow them to have more control over their phone’s functions and performance. Wikipedia defines jailbreaking as ‘the process of removing the limitations on Apple devices running the iOS operating system through the use of software and hardware exploits’, although we know that there’s a… Read More