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Places Apps In Newsstand With This Glitch – No Jailbreak Required

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With the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak still not released we thought we would share another small way to customize iOS without it. This time we will be moving applications into the Newsstand folder on the home screen with a simple glitch. Make sure to watch our video as it is easier to do after you… Read More

Flurry For Twitter Review & Comparison To Tweetbot


Recently, a new application named Flurry For Twitter was released into the App Store. We talked to the developer @aaronash yesterday as he showed off the app’s features. Flurry is in direct competition with other  popular twitter clients such as Tweetbot acting as a similar remedy to the decaying default twitter application . The app is quite… Read More

iPhone 5 $200 Giftcard Giveaway

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Today we are starting yet another giveaway available to anyone in the world. The prise (a $200 iPhone 5 Giftcard) can be obtained by by following the simple steps below. Our last giveaway was met with a great response, however some people were disappointed in not winning. We do giveaways to promote giving back to our supporters and we… Read More

Save 66 Percent On Lightning 30-Pin Adaptors Via Amazon

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One of the biggest changes seen in the new generation of Apple devices is the transition from 30-pin to the new lightning port and cable. The problem this change posses on many consumers is the compatibility with old accessories. iPhone docks, car chargers, wall mounts etc will require an adaptor to work with the new… Read More

2 Million iPhone 5 Pre-Orders In The First 24 Hours

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 iPhone 5 pre-orders began at 12:01 AM PST last friday followed by a huge rush of people trying to get a spot in the first shipment. A few days ago Apple stated that they were blown away by the number of pre-orders but did not release any numbers. Today, in a pr announcement on Apple.com they… Read More

T-Mobile Fully Supporting iPhone Unlockers $1200 Cheaper Than AT&T

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T-Mobile has always been jealous of the iPhone especially since it became available on Verizon and Sprint a few years ago. Needless to say they won’t be officially carrying the iPhone anytime soon. In response they are making a large effort to advertise the fact that factory unlocked iPhones work on their network. T-Mobile has gone as far to directly compete with AT&T… Read More

iPhone 4S Parts Indicates Design Changes


The folks at iDB has gotten some iPhone 4S parts from iFixDirect. These parts match up with previous rumors, this new iPhone is going to be an update to the iPhone 4 design. These parts came from the same site that leaked the iPod white parts. Here is the lower tier iPhone 4S back and… Read More

T-Mobile To Get The iPhone 5 Also?


Remember when everyone was talking about the AT&T brought T-Mobile story? Well this story is pretty interesting to add the drama of the up coming iPhone 5 launch in October. It looks like not only Sprint is going to get the new iPhone, but also T-Mobile. This new device will be able to run on… Read More

Hard Shell Case For iPhone 5?


MacRumors reported that a supplier by the name of True Supplier started selling alleged iPhone 5 cases. These cases look like that leaks that have been leaked in the past. These cases look more like an iPod touch 4 or an iPad 2 design. I can’t wait until the new iPhone comes out in October.… Read More