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Apple iPhone 6 / iWatch Event Starts Soon


Today’s event is only minutes away and even Apple themselves are excited to start the presentation. Their website now features a mini live blog resembling what many other technology sites have done in the past with its employee’s personal touch. It appears that currently everyone is outside waiting to get seated! All this can be… Read More

Newest iWatch concept emulates the Nike FuelBand


Apple’s iWatch has been the source of many rumors over the past months, and has received support from some pretty reputable sources. As speculations fly, any prototype parts have yet to have been leaked, so the actual form factor of the iWatch is still a mystery. As such, several designers have taken it upon themselves… Read More

Displays in production hint at larger iPhone 6 screen size, possible iWatch


The DisplaySearch firm has published a report that offers insight into new display sizes that are expected to be released on devices in the coming year. Among these are certain sizes that are believed to have a relationship with some of Apple’s upcoming announcements, namely the iWatch and the iPhone 6. The two possible screen… Read More

Apple taking on new employees to develop iWatch


The iWatch has long been rumored, and each month brings new information about when and if we could be seeing this brand new category of device from Apple. Today, a report from the Financial Times discusses a source that has stated that Apple has begun hiring engineers aggressively to work on the watch. The company has begun… Read More

FIRSTSTAND Smartwatch Stand Review


Smartwatches are the future. I state it time and time again. As smartwatches evolve the accessories come for them as well. We have earbuds, cases, stands, cables, etc. How do we truly display/charge our smartwatches whilst being able to see the notifications? The FIRSTSTAND does both of these things, and allows your smartphone to come… Read More