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Even More Details & Photos Of The ‘Upcoming’ iPad Mini


One of the biggest surprise of Apple’s iPhone 5 event was just that, there were no surprises. Pretty much everything about the iPhone 5 was leaked before hand and now Apple’s supposed iPad Mini is going the same way. More images were leaked onto the interwebs today,  and I showcased most of them along with my… Read More

Slender Man On The iPhone/iPod Touch: Spoiler, It Sucks.

Slender Man

The internet sensation game ‘Slender’ has just hit the App Store. Or at least, it’s equivalent ‘Slender Man’ has. The only thing is; it sucks – bad. The port feels incomplete, and sloppy. Check it out in the video below: The worst thing about the game in my opinion, is how it controls. It feels ‘smooth’,… Read More

Get Google Maps Back On iOS 6 [Maps+]


With the hundreds of thousands of people in uproar about the new ‘Apple Maps’ system in iOS 6, it seems like iOS users are doomed to walk the streets in unknowing dismay forever. Not so, because you read JBN! No more will you have to fall off bridges, or go to locations within the sea. Maps+ is… Read More

NitoTV on the History and Future of Apple TV Hacking/Jailbreaking

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 12.16.15 AM

At JailbreakCon on Saturday, Kevin Bradley, known online by one of his many handles @nitoTV, gave a talk about the history of hacking the Apple TV. As one of the original people who hacked the Apple TV (the term ‘jailbreak’ didn’t even exist!) and enabled it to run other software, he had a lot to… Read More

Scale Let’s You Share What Music You’re Listening To


Scale is a new jailbreak tweak that was unveiled yesterday by Joshua Tucker at WWJC. It’s the kind of tweak that makes you think: ‘How did Apple miss this?’, because it’s both very useful and very functional. The reason I am surprised that Apple haven’t cottoned onto this idea already, is that it is a very ‘iOS… Read More

Emblem is a New Jailbreak Tweak That Redesigns iPad Notifications


Here at JailbreakCon, we’ve had the chance to see some pretty important people from the jailbreak scene talk about their experience. We just saw a talk from Joshua Tucker, who is responsible for designing some great tweaks on iOS. He demoed some new tweaks that he’s been working on, which are already available in Cydia.… Read More

Watch JailbreakCon 2012 Live


JailbreakCon 2012 will be opening  at around 9 A.M today. The event will be fully live streamed by the staff and available on Ustream. We are here live at the event and will report any information as it is announced. As we mentioned before Saurik (creator of Cydia), Pod2G (hacker behind many jailbreaks including 5.1.1 untethered), Chronic Dev… Read More

Flurry For Twitter Review & Comparison To Tweetbot


Recently, a new application named Flurry For Twitter was released into the App Store. We talked to the developer @aaronash yesterday as he showed off the app’s features. Flurry is in direct competition with other  popular twitter clients such as Tweetbot acting as a similar remedy to the decaying default twitter application . The app is quite… Read More