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Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak Future Looking Bright


Today, even more good news has been pouring in from the now numerous jailbreak developers via Twitter. Since our last update we have Pod2G’s tweet stating that he has good news to his hacking partner Planetbeing. Hey @planetbeing, please look at your IRC, I think I have good news! — pod2g (@pod2g) January 21, 2013 In… Read More

This jailbreak tweak lets you activate Wi-Fi depending on what app you’re in


Jailbreak tweaks definitely come fast and often in Cydia. However decent ones, not so much. This is why the concept of the tweak ‘Carnitine’ is such a potential success. The concept is simple; only allow Wi-Fi usage in certain apps. The reason this is so useful, is that radios coming from your device use up… Read More

Pod2g discovers two new vulnerabilities, iOS 6 jailbreak is one step closer


It seems like we have been waiting forever for the iOS 6 jailbreak to come out, and it has been about six months since the initial beta release. However, the top minds in the community are working on it, and each day brings us one stage closer to a fully working release. We have today… Read More

New iOS 7 / Jailbreak Concepts


While we haven’t seen many new jailbreak tweaks due to the lack of a jailbreak for the last few months, we have seen some interesting concepts, some of which  will no doubtedly be made into reality in the near future. Here at JBN our fingers are crossed that we will see an all inclusive untethered 6.1 jailbreak soon after… Read More

iPhone 5 demand is fine, say investors and surveyors

iphone5impressions copy

Over the past few days, there have been many rumors about the performance of Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. These rumors were launched by reports of Apple cutting screen orders from their suppliers, which many took as a sign that iPhone 5 demand was slipping, so Apple was scaling back. These fears were met… Read More