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How To Get Windows 8 Metro UI On Your iPhone/iPod Touch


The Windows 8 Metro UI is one of the most highly anticipated technology releases of 2012. It features a touch friendly ’tile’ based interface, and allows for each touch navigation. Perfect for that Microsoft Surface. Now the unthinkable has happened, and it is already on the iPhone / iPod touch. Well… In the form of… Read More

CoverMeNot Doubles The Status Bar To Allow For More Effective Notifications


Something I never really noticed to much with the notification banners in iOS 5, is that they cover up the app that you are currently in. However developer Cjori has fixed this, with the tweak ‘CoverMeNot’. As you can see from my comparison, the tweak doubles the height of the status bar and allows the… Read More

FoldMusic Allows You To See Music Content Within Folders [Video]


FoldMusic is an interesting jailbreak tweak. It allows you to add specific music content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and view it in a folder based environment. This allows for speedy accessing of your favourite playlists or albums, and means you can interact with your music pretty much directly from your springboard. Of course,… Read More

Animate Your Lockscreen, Homescreen, and Notification Center With AnimateAll [Giveaway]


You may have heard recently, that AnimateAll was released in Cydia. The tweak is much like AnimateLockscreen, however it adds additional functionality to allow for animations to play not only on the lockscreen, but also in the notification centre and on your homescreen. There are two versions of AnimateAll, Standard for iPhone and HD for iPad, and both… Read More

VoiceSearch Allows You To Google Search From Anywhere


Voice search has become an integral part of iOS, Android or any other mobile operating system. With the introduction of Siri, Apple bought into a voice based automated assistant infrastructure – something which Google seem wanting to do likewise. However, Siri is restricted to the iPhone 4S. Which leaves non-4S users at a loss. Today, at… Read More

Set Chrome As Your Default Browser With BrowserChooser [Video]


So as you probably know from all our coverage, Google Chrome for iOS devices was released yesterday. However a big issue with it, is that Apple doesn’t allow it to be used as your default web browser. However, the jailbreak community has retorted to Apple’s insult, and Ryan Petrich has already released a tweak on… Read More