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T-Mobile Fully Supporting iPhone Unlockers $1200 Cheaper Than AT&T

Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 5.48.59 PM

T-Mobile has always been jealous of the iPhone especially since it became available on Verizon and Sprint a few years ago. Needless to say they won’t be officially carrying the iPhone anytime soon. In response they are making a large effort to advertise the fact that factory unlocked iPhones work on their network. T-Mobile has gone as far to directly compete with AT&T… Read More

SlideSB Places a Brightness Slider Conveniently On Your Springboard

Slider SB

One thing that can be said about the jailbreak community, is that apparently we like many ways to accomplish the same thing. SlideSB is no different, adding yet another way to change the brightness on your device. It conveniently places a brightness slider on your springboard, in between your icon rows. When I say convenient,… Read More

The iPhone 5 in 15 seconds.

iPhone 5

Rumours are the hot topic for Apple’s event coming in only a matter of days, the iPhone 5 being the centre of people’s attention. I thought that instead of providing you with a lengthy post or video with my predictions, I would sum up the iPhone 5′s rumoured release with a roundup in just 15… Read More

FunBoard Puts Crazy Animations On Your Springboard


I’m sure you’ve noticed that the jailbreaking community loves animations. They are the base of tons of jailbreak tweaks, and can really spice up the enjoyability of your iDevice. However there is a time where animations become too much, and Funboard comes dangerously close… It allows you to choose from a selection of animations for… Read More

WS Wallpaper Brings an Android-like Scrollable Wallpaper To iOS

WS Wallpaper

One of the cool features on Android, which is stubbornly not available on iOS, is the scrollable wallpapers on your homescreen. This gives you a kind of ‘depth’ to the wallpaper effect, rather than it just being stuck behind your icons. WS Wallpaper is a new tweak which brings this experience to iOS, unfortunately, it… Read More

Missionboard Pro Hits Cydia For $2.99

Missionboard Pro

Only yesterday, I shared with you an upcoming jailbreak tweak which followed on from Missionboard. It’s a pro version, and is aptly named: Missionboard Pro. Well, it’s hit hit Cydia and is for sale on the  repo for the price of $2.99 If you want to check out the features because you missed the original… Read More

Play Pokemon & Gameboy Games On The iPhone

Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 5.03.02 PM

Emulators for the iPhone have been out for a long time and many newer jailbreakers may not know what they are, or that they even exist. One of my all time favorite things to do after jailbreaking is download a GBA emulator and some roms for when I am bored.  The process is simple and… Read More

Missionboard Pro Takes The Missionboard Tweak To a New Level

Missionboard Pro

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the jailbreak tweak: Missionboard. Now, it may not have shown too much, but I wasn’t actually too happy with the release. It just didn’t feel ready. It was laggy, and left feeling a bit incomplete. However the developer has stepped it up a gear, and has been… Read More