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MissonBoard Brings An iOS Concept To Life


A couple of months ago, a concept video created by Joost Van Der Ree, hit the technological interwebs. It was picked up by a number of different blogs, and other outlets, due to it’s interesting ideas and stunning design work. As always, the jailbreak community has been the quickest to respond, with a new tweak… Read More

DietBulletin Thins Your Notification Banners


Ryan Petrich is one of the cornerstone developers among the jailbreaking community. A while ago I showed you his jailbreak tweak: Monocle, which allowed your iPhone applications to run in fullscreen mode, and now he’s done it again. DietBulletin is his newest tweak, and it essentially ‘thins’ the notification banners on the iPhone or iPod… Read More

JBN Is Giving Away 20 Copies Of ‘MiniBanners Pro’!

MiniBanners Pro

I cover a lot of jailbreak tweaks here on JBN, and as such, see a lot of pretty rubbishy ones. However one which really stuck out to me was ‘MiniBanners Pro‘. This is essentially the paid version of the free tweak ‘MiniBanners‘, and it really is pretty awesome. In celebration of the 350,000+ downloads for… Read More

SpringMusic Is a Must-Have For People Who Use App Switcher Alternatives


If you use a third party app switcher on your jailbroken iDevice, chances are you’ve run into the issue that many face – lack of media controls. It’s actually what stops me from using app switcher alternatives, because I tend to use my media controls in the switcher all the time, thus can’t do without… Read More

SpringQuote Is The Inspirational Tweak That All Jailbreakers Need [Sarcasm Enclosed]


You may be the type of person that needs to be given a boost during the day, and if this is you, please forgive me for slightly bashing this new jailbreak tweak entitled ‘SpringQuotes’. It is a new addition into cydia which, once installed, will add scrolling ‘inspirational’ quotes onto your springboard. I’m not one… Read More