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Bypass iOS 7 Lockscreen

Only a day after iOS 7 was released a security hole was uncovered that allows users to view a users photos on a locked device. The glitch allows the users to open the multitasking tray on the victim’s device and while most applications will not open the camera app will, and it allows anyone to… Read More

Top New Jailbreak Tweaks #5: Message Box, Emphasize, LockscreenToggles, and LSScrubbing

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 7.24.28 PM

Today is Tuesday and we have a new list of the best tweaks that have come out over the past week. Message Box [Free] Message box extends Facebook’s chat heads feature to work throughout all of iOS instead of closing when Facebook is not in use. For more info read our full post here. Repo:… Read More

Atom tweak for iOS overhauls the standard lockscreen

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A tweak from well-known developers Tyler Nettlton and Surenix has just hit the Cydia Store, called Atom. Atom provides a while new interface to the lockscreen, and gets rid of the conventional “slide to unlock” that has become so familiar. Instead, Atom presents the user with a screen that is blank apart from a single… Read More

Bypass Lock Screen Passcode on iOS 6.1.3


iOS 6.1.3 was released yesterday, and there is already a new way to by pass the lock screen and view phone data without the users consent. This is surprising considering that it took Apple six weeks to release 6.1.3 which patched the old exploit and it has been even longer since the original glitch was exposed to the… Read More