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New Hidden Feature In iOS 8 Will Greatly Increase User Privacy


    As many consumers anxiously await the new features of Apples iOS 8, they have more to look forward to than they think. Although there are many new and handy functions of iOS 8, there are many that are overlooked, one being the randomization of all iDevices MAC addresses. What this means is that before… Read More

Apple Releases New Macbook Air and Shows a First Look At Mac Pro


After announcing OSX Mavericks  Apple went on to talk about their computer hardware. They updated their Macbook air line by doubling storage memory, improving battery, wifi speeds, and more. All this will be available today. They also showed a sneek peek at the new Mac Pro which has quite a new look. New Features Thunderbolt 2- 20… Read More

Building an awesome budget Mac [Part 1]


As I’m sure many of you are aware, I edit a lot of video. Which means I have to have a machine that is able to keep up with the sheer amount of content that I produce for my YouTube channel, and you guys here on JBN. For the past few months, I have been using a… Read More