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Get Siri To Give You Directions Via Google Maps


Earlier this week, Google Maps was introduced into the iOS App Store, and received a whole host of coverage on what seems like every media outlet out there. Rightly so, it’s a whole lot better than Apple’s own mapping service. This being said, using bespoke Apple applications does have it’s avantages; namely the integration with the rest of Apple’s… Read More

Google Maps goes live in the App Store

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 8.54.01 PM

As was expected, Google has officially released their own maps application into the App Store. This long awaited release will hopefully appease many people who have been angered by Apple’s own Maps implementation. The app can be downloaded here, free of charge, so go check it out. Here are Google’s full release notes: Navigate your… Read More

Google could be releasing their own Maps app tonight


After Apple fans lost Google maps with iOS 6, many people excitedly turned to Apple’s own Maps app, hoping that it could replace Google’s. However, the release was underwhelming to say the least. Called Mapgate, this latest blunder for Apple has already claimed the jobs of two executives. Over the months, however, Google employees have… Read More

Apple Maps claims another job, Richard Williamson fired


In a dramatic report today, Bloomberg announced that Apple has let go the executive in charge of supervising Apple Maps’ debut on iOS 6. For those that haven’t been keeping up, since the release of the service users have been complaining about inaccuracy and unreliability pertaining to the maps and directions provided by the device. Now it seems… Read More

Nokia’s Here Maps Released For iOS, But It’s Still Far From a Google Maps Alternative


Nokia, hoping to step in and save the day from the dreaded iOS 6 maps fiasco, have released a new mapping application into the iOS App Store. The App is titled ‘Here Maps’, and has much the same functionality as many other mapping softwares available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. However it’s just not up to… Read More

Get Google Maps Back On iOS 6 [Maps+]


With the hundreds of thousands of people in uproar about the new ‘Apple Maps’ system in iOS 6, it seems like iOS users are doomed to walk the streets in unknowing dismay forever. Not so, because you read JBN! No more will you have to fall off bridges, or go to locations within the sea. Maps+ is… Read More

iOS 6 Beta 4 Overview and Features (Video)


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Eyb_TcCREE iOS 6 has brought features to the iPhone that us the users have wanted for quite some time. These features are advanced maps and advanced Siri. As each new Beta is released we see new updates in previous features that are new in iOS 6 and the destruction of old things that were in… Read More

iOS 6 & iOS 5 Maps Applications Compared {Video}


Follow @EatMyApplez With the recent release of iOS 6 beta 1, all talk has been about its new and improved features. One of them being the Maps application. Maps had one of the more notable changes in iOS 6 because not only did it change its design, it changed where it was coming from. What… Read More

iOS 6 Maps Application Ported to iPhone 4


Along with iOS 6, Apple demoed their new maps application, which features 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation. However, it was soon revealed that these new maps features will only work on devices iPad 2 or newer. Initially many people were upset, but worry not, because a solution has been found. Russian hackers have successfully ported… Read More

iOS 6 Rumor Roundup [Video]


With WWDC only a few days away what better time to wrap up all the rumors relating to Apple’s new software. Last year, Apple demoed iOS 5 at WWDC. The beta version was available to developers soon after, followed by the public release in October. Hopefully we see a similar trend this year. Facebook Integration  Many rumors… Read More

New Photos Of Apple’s iOS 6 3D Maps App


About a month ago, we reported that iOS 6 will have a new, completely redesigned, 3D maps application that will replace Google Maps. Recently, BGR posted a few photos of Apple’s iOS 6 Maps application. From the picture above, you can see that the render of the 3D landscape of San Francisco is fantastic. On… Read More