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iPad Air Unboxing & Speed Test

iPad Air

Earlier today Apple released their newest tablet, the iPad Air, to consumers all over the world. The iPad Air takes many of the design traits that were introduced at the end of 2012 with the first iteration of the iPad Mini. The Air comes sporting a new thinner design, reduced bezel size along with a… Read More

Actually, the next iPad mini will have a retina display


The Wall Street Journal has released a report that sheds new light on an upcoming product from Apple, the next iPad mini. According to the WSJ’s sources in the Apple supply chain, the next iteration of the iPad mini will feature a retina display, produced by Sharp, LG, and Samsung. Apple is working with suppliers in… Read More

These Mujjo sleeves are a beautiful, but premium, protection for your devices


I’m a huge fan of protective sleeves for devices – especially Apple devices. Why? They don’t detract from the natural design that all Apple products tout. Once they’re out of the sleeve, they’re ready for use the way Apple designed them, which lets face it is how they’re best used. This being said, there is… Read More

New iPad to have mini-esque design, new iPhone to feature similar look as current model


According to a report today from iLounge, the next iteration of Apple’s iPad will be getting an aesthetic upgrade, and will feature a design closer to that of the mini— although not size wise. This news comes from Jeremy Horwitz, who has often been right about his predictions for Apple products, so this report has some believability… Read More

Digitimes: Next iPad to be lighter, mini to feature updated display


According to a report today from Digitimes, the next round of iPads will feature some exciting differences. The main focus of the new iPad mini will be an enhanced display, which a lot of people feel has been missing from the iPad mini released earlier this year. The sources have yet to specify whether the… Read More

Rumor: Apple to introduce cheaper, prepaid iPhone along with iPhone 5S in June


With the iPad mini release having come and gone, it is now time for the Apple rumor mills to focus on the next big product we expect to see from Apple, and right now that is expected to be the new iPhone. It is not currently known what this new phone will be called, although… Read More

The Poetic ThinShell & The Smart Cover Is All You Need For Your iPad Mini


Poetic have done it again. Won my affections over with another one of their case line. This time it’s for the iPad Mini, and since day 1 of owning it I’ve been looking for the perfect case. I purchased the smart cover along with the iPad, so I wanted to find something that could be… Read More

Comparison Between Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad 3 Software

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 4.21.54 PM

Microsoft recently released their tablet, the Microsoft Surface, and many people have decided to buy it instead of an iPad. However, lots of people wonder, which is better. We wont be telling you that, but we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison between the software functions of the two devices, so you can see… Read More

These Poetic iPad Mini Cases Are Incredible Bang For Your Buck!


I’ve told you before that Poetic are one of my favourite iDevice accessory manufacturers. This is pretty much for the sole reason that they produce fantastic quality products, but keep off a huge price tag. They sent me over a number of iPad Mini cases, all of which sell for under $5 on Amazon –… Read More

My iPad Mini Review!


Just under a week ago, Apple unveiled their latest edition into their tablet range: The iPad Mini. With a 7.9″ screen, it gets dwarfed by the full size iPads in both size and weight. But it’s still very much a force to be reckoned with. Over the past week I’ve shared with you various different posts highlight the iPad… Read More

Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover Review! (vs. Old Gen)

Smart Cover

Apple released their iPad Mini late last week, and I’ve been getting to grips with it as best I can. The most popular accessory available for the full size iPad remains the smart cover, mainly due to it’s simplicity. As such, Apple has manufactured the iPad Mini Smart Cover – a smaller variant of the… Read More

3 Million iPad Mini & 4th Gen Sold Since Launch


Three days ago, Apple released their forth generation iPad along with their smaller iPad mini model. Since launch both devices together accumulated over 3 million sales, a great deal more than the monthly amount of Nexus 7 sales, currently at around a million. The amount of sales over the last few days has been the… Read More