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First Look At The Space Gray iPad 5


Many people were surprised that Apple did not address a new line up of iPads at their last event in September. Before then, Tanner from ICUID and I got our hands on many shells of new devices that were not yet released and many people doubted our authority claiming that they were just random cases from… Read More

Exclusive: iPhone 5S Silver Graphite prototype first caught on video


Today, we have some amazing news as both Tanner & I are very excited to be the very first to show off the new iPhone 5S color option dubbed ’Graphite’. The casing looks very similar to the white iPhone 5 model, however, it does have some differences. The front panel (which is missing from the video… Read More

Next Gen iPad Mini Not Likely To Support Retina Display


Over the last few days there has been a lot of information coming from iOS 7 related files that hints at future Apple products. After Yesterday’s fingerprint scanner confirmation 9To5Mac was tipped contents of a iOS 7 SDK file that had information on the upcoming iPad Mini. According to the information Apple plans to release three… Read More

iOS 7 Beta Complete Hands On Overview

Hours after WWDC 2013 we were able to get our hands on the new iOS 7 software. In this video we went over as many features as we could fit in ten minutes including all of the stock applications. My first impressions are that it is defiantly contains a completely new design, however, there are many things that could… Read More

Apple Unveils iTunes Radio [Update: Video]

After their introduction to iOS 7 Apple started demoing their new service named iTunes Radio. The service integrates itself into the stock Music app and will allow users to create their own stations in a similar manner to Pandora. Once a radio is picked users can give input to help the system predict what songs… Read More

Apple Releases New Macbook Air and Shows a First Look At Mac Pro


After announcing OSX Mavericks  Apple went on to talk about their computer hardware. They updated their Macbook air line by doubling storage memory, improving battery, wifi speeds, and more. All this will be available today. They also showed a sneek peek at the new Mac Pro which has quite a new look. New Features Thunderbolt 2- 20… Read More

Apple Begins Setting Up The Moscone Center For WWDC 2013


With WWDC only six days away Apple has begun preparing for the event. Like most other years passers by can see in through the large windows and view some of the posters that are being placed. Currently the only on visible to the public looks very similar to the invitations and reads ‘where a whole new world… Read More

Tim Cook Responds To iTV and iWatch Rumors At D11 Conference


This year at the D11 conference Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was interviewed on his views on vision of Apple and the future of innovation at the company. Tim Cook’s Stance On TV He ignores the real question about a TV project at Apple by talking about how the current Apple TV has been selling well. He then… Read More