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Moto X Headed to Google Play Store

Moto X Google Edition

The Moto X, the phone for the average-consumer with true customization, is set to hit the Google Play Store very soon. It was announced at the Motorola Press Conference on August 1st, 2013 that Motorola, owned by Google, would be implementing this device into the Play Store in the upcoming weeks. One of the main… Read More

Next Nexus 7 Specifications Leaked

Next Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 in 2012 set a new unprecedented field for 7-inch tablets. It shows other companies that small tablets are the new thing, and that price point truly does matter. The Nexus 7 featured a 7-inch display, Android 4.1 JellyBean, a 1.3MP front-facing camera, 3G, and a myriad of other perks. The best part,… Read More

iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7 Review: Speed Tests, Gaming, Hardware


Following up my iPad Mini coverage, I thought it would be apt to compare Apple’s newest tablet to one of the sole reasons it was released: the Nexus 7. Google’s first branded tablet, it stole a significant market share from Apple, hence why they felt the need to retaliate with the new Mini. This being… Read More

Google Announces Nexus 4, Nexus 10, and Revamped Nexus 7

Screen Shot 2012-10-29 at 4.43.23 PM

Today, Google released many updates to their Android product line despite the fact that they canceled their event due to to hurricane Sandy. The three main products/upgrades they unveiled were the Nexus 4 a next generation Google phone, the Nexus 10 a ten inch iPad competitor, and revamps to the current smaller Nexus 7 Tablet.… Read More