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2 Million iPhone 5 Pre-Orders In The First 24 Hours

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 iPhone 5 pre-orders began at 12:01 AM PST last friday followed by a huge rush of people trying to get a spot in the first shipment. A few days ago Apple stated that they were blown away by the number of pre-orders but did not release any numbers. Today, in a pr announcement on Apple.com they… Read More

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Completely Blew Apple Away

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Pre-orders for the new iPhone began at 12:01 am PST, with many in a rush to get their hands on their new device the day it comes out. Hours later Apple’s shipment times changed and now the iPhone 5 is not available on day one. Apple told  AllThingsD that  “Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris… Read More

Apple Announces Q3 2012 Earnings Call for July 24


Apple today updated their Investor Relations page with a bulletin stating that Apple’s quarterly earnings call will take place at 5:00 PM EST on July 24th, 2012. The call will cover the months of April-June, and will go over Apple’s sales and earnings of all their products for those months. With the release of the new… Read More

Apple sells 4 Million iPhone 4S units on launch weekend


When the iPhone 4S was originally announced it was met with harsh criticism as it was not the completely redesigned piece of art many people predicted Apple would push out this fall. When it came to sales however the 4S beat out the rest of Apple’s releases selling 1 million at pre-release day and a total of 4 million by the end of the… Read More