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iCloud Drive is Apple’s Dropbox killer

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Apple today announced iCloud Drive, a new feature of OS X Yosemite. This feature will enable you to sync files across multiple computers and devices. All app data that sits on your iCloud Drive can be accessed from other macs, iOS devices, and even Windows computers. Check out some pictures.… Read More

Mac OS 10.10 name revealed in new banner at WWDC


With WWDC approaching, Apple has been in full gear setting up the Moscone Center in preparation for the conference. Earlier today, the iOS 8 banner went up, confirming that the new iOS version would be making an appearance. Now, Apple has hoisted a new banner that hints at the the upcoming release of a new version… Read More

Modbook Pro Aims To Bring The New OSX Experience To A Tablet

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The Modbook is a product developed by a company that essentially takes a Macbook and reconstructs in into a touch screen tablet device. The original creation was made its way into the market before the fist generation iPad. Since then there has been relatively little news from the company until now. Their new product, the… Read More

The HackStore Launches, Download Now For OS X

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A few weeks ago we made a post about a alternative to the OS X App Store named the HackStore. Just today, the first public version was released and is now available for download. While the application implements an interesting concept, first impressions leave you with the feeling that the program was rushed and not as incredible as we had previously hoped.… Read More

The HackStore Aims To Give The Same Experience As Cydia For OS X


Even though computers running OS X are not sandboxed in the way the iDevices are, developer Andrey Fedotov aims to create an alternative to the Mac App Store. The HackStore hopes to offer an experience like Cydia for iOS,  where people can easily check updates, categories, lists, and more. Around a year ago there were many rumors of Cydia coming to… Read More