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WSJ: Apple has plans to release two larger iPhone 6 models, scrap plastic iPhone 5c


There has been much speculation as to whether Apple will release an iPhone with a larger screen at WWDC, but very few reputable sources have commented on the matter. Today, though, The Wall Street Journal released an article announcing that Apple will in fact be announcing two new models, each with a larger screen than the… Read More

Leaked photos hint at super-thin iPhone 6


With Apple’s annual release schedule, rumors and leaks seem to pop up like clockwork as we approach the date of the next supposed launch. Today, Chinese site C Tech posted photos of what is claimed to be the next generation iPhone, which, if Apple continues the pattern, will likely be called the iPhone 6. The photos,… Read More

iPhone 5S leak reveals fingerprint scanner, 2 GB RAM, and 12 MP camera


Today we have a brand new leak of parts and specs for the next generation of iPhone, with an unverified source posting production shots of the iPhone 5S. The supposed pictures of the device show the back panel, which looks fairly similar to the current iPhone 5 back panel, with its aluminum backing. Accompanying these… Read More

Leaked iPhone 5S parts suggest that silent switch will become button


With the expected summer announcement of the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone swiftly approaching, parts have been leaking from various sources all over the place. As is the usual with an Apple product launch, these leaked parts provide a small insight as to what we can expect to see in the next weeks. This latest… Read More

Alleged iPhone 5S Parts Already Leaked


Only months after the iPhone 5′s release leaks of Apple’s upcoming phone have already been posted online. The photos shown in this post originated from ETradeSupply, where they show the similarities and differences between the rumored upcoming phone and the current iPhone 5. The two look very similar dispite the small changes highlighted below. While we are unsure of the name of Apple’s… Read More

Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Shown Off in Photos


Over the past weeks, various parts and photos of the new iPhone have cropped up on the net. Additionally, some people created concept, computer generated photos of what the next iPhone might look like. Now, iLab has posted photos of what appear to be a fully assembled iPhone 5, giving a clearer look into what we… Read More

iPhone 5 Home Button Leaked


As the iPhone 5 is getting closer to be released, we are gonna start seeing a lot of leaks of parts. We have had a bunch of leaks lately, but this one I think can prove that the iPhone 5 will have a home button. A site has been selling these parts and here is… Read More

8MP Camera For New iPhone


Recently there has been a lot of rumors about the new iPhone or iPhones, supposedly coming in a couple of weeks. Many parts, although their validity has not been confirmed, have been leaked. The parts include, front panel of the N94 prototype, back panel, backplates, case and antenna, more cases, and lastly the battery, camera… Read More