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Appeal court rules that Apple did not violate Motorola’s patents


  In one of several ongoing legal battles between the large tech companies, Google-owned Motorola has been prosecuting Apple over the violation of patents relating to the behavior of push notifications. The full ruling, available here, details the exact language of this patent, as well as the arguments of both sides. This ruling contradicts a… Read More

New patent hints further at upcoming fingerprinting technology in iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks


Patents have long been a source of rumors from Apple, and since they are available to the public there is little that Apple can do to stop it. In this newest find from Patently Apple, it seems that iPhone may soon be capable of scanning your fingerprint with a system built directly into the bezel… Read More

USPTO invalidates Apple’s famed “Pinch-to-zoom” patent


As reported by the WSJ, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated Apple’s patent of the “pinch-to-zoom” gesture widely used across all throughout iOS. This particular patent has received considerable criticism since Apple filed for it in January of 2007. Many claim that the feature is too basic and trivial, and that limiting its use prevents… Read More

Apple Patents Show Plans For iDevice Fans, Packaging That Serves As A Dock

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 6.34.20 PM

It’s always big news when Apple patents a technology that is yet unseen in their current devices, and often gives clues as to what upcoming features we could be seeing in the near future. Today, two patents were published that show two very interesting new concepts that we could see in upcoming products. iDevice Fans… Read More

Apple Identifies Samsung Phones They Will Attempt To Ban In The US

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 5.05.27 PM

Last week Apple was awarded  a billion dollars for patent infringement by Samsung. Now that the court has rulled in their favor they wish to seek bans on many of Samsung’s phones in the United States. The eight devices are listed below Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S2 (AT&T) Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) Galaxy S2 Epic… Read More

Apple Offered to Let Samsung License Patents in August 2010


The past couple weeks have been host to a heated hearing between Apple and Samsung regarding Apple’s accusations that Samsung has been infringing on Apple’s design in their smartphones and tablets. Both parties have presented their cases in an attempt to prove (or disprove) infringement. Now, new evidence has been submitted that shows that Apple… Read More

Apple files a patent for wearable computing device


Recently, Apple has filed a patent for a wearable computing device, this patent gives us more evidence that Apple is very interested in wearable computing devices like it’s competitor, Google and it’s Project Glass eyewear. Like Google, the Cupertino based company has some sort of a display over the eye on a head mount. PatentlyApple’s… Read More

Inductive Charging Hinted At By New Apple Patents


A couple of new Apple patents were approved today, one of them focusing on an inductive charging dock. Essentially the detailed technology would allow Apple create a dock or other piece of hardware with the ability to charge future iDevices. Companies like Powermat incorporate a similar feature now, however they require additional hardware to be… Read More

Apple Developing More Accurate Methods For Testing For Water Damage


For the longest time, Apple has built a system into their devices to tell if it has had water damage, in the form of color-changing strips that will change in the presence of water. However, this system was largely unreliable, with many customers reporting that the strips would change color in humid environments, without ever… Read More