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Keyprop Elegant Phone Stand


The Keyprop is a Kickstarter Project that wants to make a stand more elegant, and simpler to use. The Keyprop features a key-like design with a hole at the top to connect to your keyring, and then a Lightning port followed by a 3.5mm jack. There are two ways to connect this elegant product to… Read More

Top 20 iOS 6 Tweaks: Minimalist iPhone (Video)


The iPhone 5 is a solid device in the hardware and software side, but some users want more from their fruity device. Jailbreaking enables the user to download apps from Apple’s App Store, and from the user-made Cydia store. The Cydia store works the exact same way as the App Store. Users can download, and… Read More

Facebook unveils ‘Facebook Home’, deeply integrates Android OS with Facebook


For the past several months, rumors have been turning up periodically about Facebook launching their own phone, which would compete in the mobile space along with iPhone and Android. Recently, the Silicon Valley  company announced an upcoming press conference, which took place earlier today. At this announcement, Mark Zuckerberg stated that they wished to change… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note III (3) Will Feature A Smaller Display (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Most Likely Feature Smaller Display

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II (2) was a phenomenon with the 5.5-inch display, as it gave users a feeling that bigger can sometimes be better. For me as a frequent user, I loved the 3100 mAh battery as it lasted forever. Literally, forever. Android was outstanding, and really molded to the phone. With many rumors of… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note III (3) Confirmed For Mobile World Congress Release! (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note III Confirmed For Mobile World Congress Release

The Samsung Galaxy Note III (3) has been confirmed by Samsung in a tweet stating that the device will make an appearance at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2013. The conference takes place in Barcelona, Spain on February 24th to the 28th. The show focuses on mobile technologies as CES covers everything technologically related. Back… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note III (3) Alleged Specifications! (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Alleged Specifcations

Samsung could be argued to be the best innovating company in the technology field. With their wide varieties of smartphones, and simple phones the options are endless. In their smartphone field, the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is a hot device coming in a 4.8-inch with a 1280 by 720 pixel screen. Keeping the train… Read More

Firefox Mobile OS Full Overview & Screenshots


Follow @EatMyApplez We all know what Android and iOS are, but now a Firefox OS?   The user interface looks nice enough to be considered as something new and in the running, but it definitely looks like a mixture of iOS and Android more than not. So this new Firefox OS already has strong support from carriers… Read More

Apple’s Rumored Curved Glass Display Gadget Shown Off In Awesome Concept Images


After Apple invested in glass cutting machines last year, rumors started flying that the next iPhone would have a display made from curved glass. We have not seen any substantial evidence of this claim, but that hasn’t stopped people from hoping. Now, Federico Ciccarese, and Italian designer, has published some beautiful concept images about what… Read More

The Future Of Technology


Microsoft recently posted a video on their Office channel show casing their hopes for technology in the future. While the video is quite futuristic we never know what it will happen in many years. Keep in mind nothing is set in stone, and enjoy the greatly edited video. Every day new technology emerges bring us… Read More