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First images of iPhone 6 leaked to the public


Today, a Twitter user by the name of mornray886 shared with MacRumors what is believed to be leaked pictures of Apple’s next device, the iPhone 6. Sonny Dickson, a reputable source for Apple parts leaks, has also confirmed these images as legitimate. These pictures seem to suggest that the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone will be… Read More

Instagram qualms user fears, clarifies policy change


After some excitement yesterday about Instagram’s (now owned by Facebook) policy change, the online photo sharing giant has stepped in to state their position. Instagram is an app-turned-worldwide phenomenon that enables users to quickly snap a picture and share it with all their friends. They were bought up earlier this year by Facebook, and since… Read More

Digitimes: Next iPad to be lighter, mini to feature updated display


According to a report today from Digitimes, the next round of iPads will feature some exciting differences. The main focus of the new iPad mini will be an enhanced display, which a lot of people feel has been missing from the iPad mini released earlier this year. The sources have yet to specify whether the… Read More

New Leaked iPhone Parts Show Logic Board With A6 Processor


The past few weeks have been host to many new leaked parts of the next iPhone, due to be announced in September. Today, 9to5mac has released photos of what appears to be the logic board for the next gen iPhone, housing an A6 processor. Up until now, it was unknown whether or not this new… Read More

iPad Mini Concept Rendering Based Off Reports


The hot piece of news for the past several weeks has been the rumored iPad Mini device, which will have an iPad form factor with a 7-inch screen. While no conclusive evidence of the device has surfaced, several sources have confirmed that the device is coming, and just recently some schematics were leaked, which 9to5mac… Read More

Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Shown Off in Photos


Over the past weeks, various parts and photos of the new iPhone have cropped up on the net. Additionally, some people created concept, computer generated photos of what the next iPhone might look like. Now, iLab has posted photos of what appear to be a fully assembled iPhone 5, giving a clearer look into what we… Read More

iWatch Concept With Retina Display and FaceTime Shown Off by Swedish Designer


When the newest generation of the iPod Nano was released, which included a multitouch screen as its biggest feature, many people has the same reaction. Within weeks multiple products had been released that allowed you to strap the iPod to your wrist and use it as a watch. The advent of changeable clock faces on… Read More

Photo Enhancer – Manage & Hide your Albums


Photo Enhancer is an ‘in development’ jailbreak tweak, which adds a little bit more snaz to your iDevice’s photo albums. It brings the ability to hide all of the photos within your albums, or even hide your albums all together. Now whilst some features are still in beta, the product definitely isn’t finished, the developer even… Read More

iPhone 5 in Production?


We have heard many rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5, but this one is quite interesting. As you might have seen, we have gotten a lot of pictures in bad quality or spy pictures that could have been faked, but this ones different. This one is different because we can actually see the iPhone’s screen.… Read More