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Apple Granted Patent For New Charging Port

Many past rumors indicate that the next generation iPhone will feature a smaller charging port different from the long used 30 pin connector. Today Apple was granted a patent that makes this rumor more possible. The change probably has to do with limited space with the rumored new design, similar to the change with the… Read More

iOS 6 Maps Application Ported to iPhone 4


Along with iOS 6, Apple demoed their new maps application, which features 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation. However, it was soon revealed that these new maps features will only work on devices iPad 2 or newer. Initially many people were upset, but worry not, because a solution has been found. Russian hackers have successfully ported… Read More

The New iPad 3rd Gen Uses Guzzoni Servers For Dictation, Allowing For A Simple Siri Port


Apple decided to release the next generation iPad without full Siri functionality. Instead they only included voice dictation, a cool feature, but not the full experience. This being said, Andrew, a writer for the site discovered that the iPad 3 connects to the same servers as the iPhone 4S does. This means that porting Siri to the new iPad… Read More

[New] i4Siri – Permanently Run Siri On iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch, and iPad For Free

Screen Shot 2012-02-20 at 12.50.55 PM

        Update i4Siri is released: More Info For everyone wondering the i4Siri public version is coming soon. When released (hopefully in the next few days/weeks) i4Siri will allow users that don’t own an iPhone 4S to use Siri as if they had one. The service will consist of primarily a free version, but… Read More

Apple Working To Block Non 4S Devices From Siri?


One of the iPhone 4S’s biggest selling points has been its voice controlled assistant, Siri. Within weeks of the release, developers in the jailbreak community managed to create a port of Siri to non-4S devices, entitled Spire. However, according to reports, it now seems that Apple may be cracking down on these devices using Siri.… Read More

iOS 5.1 beta 3 Reveals Clues Of Siri Dictation Coming To iPad


As we reported earlier today, Apple released iOS 5.1 beta 3 to developers, which means that hundreds of people immediately began scouring the release for clues about upcoming Apple products. This version actually seemed to be pretty low on such hints, until 9to5mac discovered suggestions that the next iPad may sport Siri dictation, and perhaps… Read More

iOS Apps Ported To The Apple TV In Fullscreen

Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 4.05.53 PM

Steven Troughton-Smith and the TheMudKip have continued work on their port and have hit a new milestone. Today a video was uploaded showing that they have gotten apps to resize and display in fullscreen on the TV. They have also incorporated a menu for the apps by rewriting the springboard code.  The mod is impressive and hopefully will get a response from… Read More

SiriPrefs Tweak Gives Siri The Capability to Open Apps and Change Settings


With the ability to run Siri on a jailbroken device with Spire, developers can start testing modification in action. This particular trick does not use SiriProxy, and instead uses url schemes to open different applications and settings. The mod most likely will be packaged into a bundle on Cydia and available for download. If you want to know more about getting siri… Read More

Legal Siri Port In The Works (i4Siri) For iPhone 4 / 3GS and iPod Touch 4G


@MrAjsTech has posted a video showing off Siri on his iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G using a port he is developing. He is the lead developer of the i4Siri Project along with @leftyfl1p. The project i4siri is going to bring Siri to older devices. These devices include iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Potentially… Read More

Jailbreak Tweaks For Custom Siri Comands Coming Soon


Developers have been eagerly waiting for a iPhone 4S jailbreak in hopes to create tweaks to modify Siri into completing custom commands. With the state of the iPhone 4S jailbreak possibly coming soon along with promising news of legal Siri ports in the near future siri modifications are sure to come soon.  Developers have used… Read More

Legal Siri Ports Made Possible by Newest iOS 5 Release


Just hours ago, Apple released a mysterious update to iOS 5, a second version of 5.0.1. This is unusual for Apple, as new releases are almost always numbered sequentially. There is no news as of yet as to whether the update is safe for jailbreakers, so stay away until further notice. Closer inspection of this… Read More

H1Siri – Install Siri On iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G [How To]


It has been a few days since we have heard anything from the world of Siri, but now we have some big news about a tweak that has just been released into Cydia. The tweak, called “H1Siri” is available at the repo “”http://www.cydia.be”. This tweak enables the full Siri GUI, and successfully connects to Apple’s… Read More