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Incipio Feather for MacBook Air – Review


Something that sets Apple’s products apart from it’s competitors is their impeccable design. Something about Apple products just radiates high quality, and a premium nature. Unfortunately, as we know from devices such as the iPhone 5, these aesthetics don’t necessarily stay like that. For this reason, people like to pick up cases, sleeves and things of that nature for… Read More

Lifeproof Case for iPhone 5 – Review

Lifeproof copy

There will definitely be times when you need extreme protection for your device. Whether you like extreme sports, like to dive, or are generally just a clumsy person – the Lifeproof Case may be the one you’ve been looking for for your shiny new iPhone 5. The Lifeproof ‘fre’ is a totally sealed unit, meaning… Read More

Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone 5 Review


I’m sure many, if not all of you, have heard of Otterbox. They’re a well renowned manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices, who typically specialise in extremely protective and rugged cases. This being said, they actually have a lot of products on offer, and one of my favourite of their lines is the Reflex series. It was my go-to case… Read More

Ferrari by Logic 3 T250 Headphones Review


I’m a headphone lover. I can’t get enough of the things. Whenever I’m in shops, apple stores, or anywhere which has a technology department – the audio section is more or less the first place I’ll check out. This isn’t because I’m an audiophile, actually far from it, it’s because I’m a design fanatic. Generally… Read More

Meze Classic 66 Headphones – Unboxing & Review


The iPhone looks great. Design is a central feature of Apple’s product production, and it is definitely one of the more prominent reasons why Apple products fly off the shelves throughout the world. This being said, we plug in headphones into our iPhones, and various other devices, but rarely think anything of it. I myself… Read More

The Poetic ThinShell & The Smart Cover Is All You Need For Your iPad Mini


Poetic have done it again. Won my affections over with another one of their case line. This time it’s for the iPad Mini, and since day 1 of owning it I’ve been looking for the perfect case. I purchased the smart cover along with the iPad, so I wanted to find something that could be… Read More

These Poetic iPad Mini Cases Are Incredible Bang For Your Buck!


I’ve told you before that Poetic are one of my favourite iDevice accessory manufacturers. This is pretty much for the sole reason that they produce fantastic quality products, but keep off a huge price tag. They sent me over a number of iPad Mini cases, all of which sell for under $5 on Amazon –… Read More

This iPhone 5 Pack Contains Everything You’ll Ever Need For Your Shiny New Device [Review]


If I’m ever in need of a specific accessory for any of my devices, be it Apple or any other device, one of my go-to stores is Mobile Fun. If you don’t know who they are, they are a mobile accessory retailer who just seems to stock everything. They’ve sent me out their ‘iPhone 5… Read More

My iPad Mini Review!


Just under a week ago, Apple unveiled their latest edition into their tablet range: The iPad Mini. With a 7.9″ screen, it gets dwarfed by the full size iPads in both size and weight. But it’s still very much a force to be reckoned with. Over the past week I’ve shared with you various different posts highlight the iPad… Read More

Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover Review! (vs. Old Gen)

Smart Cover

Apple released their iPad Mini late last week, and I’ve been getting to grips with it as best I can. The most popular accessory available for the full size iPad remains the smart cover, mainly due to it’s simplicity. As such, Apple has manufactured the iPad Mini Smart Cover – a smaller variant of the… Read More

RHA SA950i Headphones Review – Spoiler: They’re Awesome and Great Value

RHA SA950i

Finding the perfect set of headphones for the variety of different music players you may own is no mean feat. I myself have around 6 pairs of different headphones which I tend to use for different situations, because I still haven’t found one which put all my others to shame. However headphones can be extremely… Read More