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Jailbreak iOS 6 [ 6.0 / 5.1.1 / 5.1 / 5.0.1 / 5.0 ] on iPhone 4S, 4, iPod Touch, And iPad 2, 1 [Tutorial]


    Welcome to JailbreakNation’s iOS  6.0 / 5.1.1 / 5.1 /5.0.1 / 5.0 Ultimate Jailbreak/Unlock Guide   Untethered vs. Tethered An untethered jailbreak means you can turn off your device and reboot without the use of a computer. A tethered jailbreak means you can not reboot your device if you turn it off without the use of a… Read More

Redsn0w Updated to 0.9.10b5, Fixes Bugs For 5.0.1 Jailbreak


The Dev Team updated Redsn0w to version 0.9.10b5 today, providing a less buggy jailbreak. If you forgot, redsn0w currently only works for A4 devices preferably on iOS 5.0.1. If you have an A5 device such as the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4S refer to this page to find a jailbreak for your device. The… Read More

Absinthe for Windows Download Coming Soon


Today has been a big day with the release of the A5 jailbreak, but many people were quickly disappointed since the current version of the jailbreak tool only supports Mac. According to what we’ve heard from sources however, the wait for the Windows version will be over soon. When the mac version was first released,… Read More

iPad 2 On 5.0.1 Now Untethered, Confirmed by Pod2g


After the latest release of a video featuring the untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak, many people were wondering if this meant that the iPad 2 was untethered as well. Wonder no longer, because according to Pod2g’s latest blog post, the iPad 2 is fully untethered as well. The post was simply titled “iPad 2 5.0.1 untethered”,… Read More

RedSn0w Jailbreak Update Coming Soon, Works With 5.0 & 5.0.1 SHSH Blobs


Upcoming redsn0w release makes both TinyUmbrella and Cydia blob saves useful for 5.0+ (1st verifies, then stitches) — MuscleNerd (@MuscleNerd) December9, 2011 For time being, please just use most recent TU to save 5.0.1 blobs+APTicket…redsn0w will do the rest, should you need to restore. — MuscleNerd (@MuscleNerd) December9, 2011 Minutes ago MuscleNerd from the Dev-Team… Read More