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WSJ: Apple has plans to release two larger iPhone 6 models, scrap plastic iPhone 5c


There has been much speculation as to whether Apple will release an iPhone with a larger screen at WWDC, but very few reputable sources have commented on the matter. Today, though, The Wall Street Journal released an article announcing that Apple will in fact be announcing two new models, each with a larger screen than the… Read More

Leaked photos hint at super-thin iPhone 6


With Apple’s annual release schedule, rumors and leaks seem to pop up like clockwork as we approach the date of the next supposed launch. Today, Chinese site C Tech posted photos of what is claimed to be the next generation iPhone, which, if Apple continues the pattern, will likely be called the iPhone 6. The photos,… Read More

Digitimes: Next iPad to be lighter, mini to feature updated display


According to a report today from Digitimes, the next round of iPads will feature some exciting differences. The main focus of the new iPad mini will be an enhanced display, which a lot of people feel has been missing from the iPad mini released earlier this year. The sources have yet to specify whether the… Read More

Apple’s Rumored Curved Glass Display Gadget Shown Off In Awesome Concept Images


After Apple invested in glass cutting machines last year, rumors started flying that the next iPhone would have a display made from curved glass. We have not seen any substantial evidence of this claim, but that hasn’t stopped people from hoping. Now, Federico Ciccarese, and Italian designer, has published some beautiful concept images about what… Read More

Foxconn CEO Says Next iPhone Will “Put Samsung’s Galaxy III to Shame”


Terry Gou, the CEO of Foxconn, the company responsible for producing some of the best known gadgets in the world, recently made a statement at the annual shareholders meeting, telling customers to hold of from buying Samsung’s next big phone, the Galaxy III. Gou recommended that consumers wait to see Apple’s next phone before jumping… Read More

Check Out These Amazing 3D Renderings Of The New iPhone Based On Previous Leaks


Earlier today many people were fooled by a set of images uploaded to MacOtakara into believing that the showcased phones were legitimately leaked from Apple. It turns out that they are only renderings based on the earlier leaks originating from 9To5Mac. That being said the images make the phone look more visually pleasing so we thought we would share them with you. [Via]… Read More

iPad 3 Running iOS 6 With Retina Display Resolution Spotted In Server Logs


With the announcement of the next generation iPad coming this Wednesday, many rumors are showing up trying to predict features of the new device. Recently, Ars Technica (a popular technology website) reported that their site was viewed  from what looks like the next generation iPad being tested by Apple employees.  The screen resolution producing the views was 2048×1536 pixels,… Read More

AppleTV Spotted With Siri and Gesture Controls


Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail  claimed that Apple has been working with ISPs for preparation for a new AppleTV. other than providers the main information leaked was ways in which the device is controlled. The device may offer three main options consisting of Siri voice integration, hand gestures, and an on-screen keyboard.   The product reportedly integrates Siri,… Read More

MasterCard Executive All But Confirms Mobile Payment System For Next iPhone


When rumors were going around about Apple’s next iPhone last year, one of the more popular ones was the idea that some sort of Near Field Communication, or NFC system would be included with the phone. This would enable actions such as waving your phone over a credit card machine to pay, or transferring files… Read More

iOS 5.1 beta 3 Reveals Clues Of Siri Dictation Coming To iPad


As we reported earlier today, Apple released iOS 5.1 beta 3 to developers, which means that hundreds of people immediately began scouring the release for clues about upcoming Apple products. This version actually seemed to be pretty low on such hints, until 9to5mac discovered suggestions that the next iPad may sport Siri dictation, and perhaps… Read More