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WSJ: Apple has plans to release two larger iPhone 6 models, scrap plastic iPhone 5c


There has been much speculation as to whether Apple will release an iPhone with a larger screen at WWDC, but very few reputable sources have commented on the matter. Today, though, The Wall Street Journal released an article announcing that Apple will in fact be announcing two new models, each with a larger screen than the… Read More

Leaked photos hint at super-thin iPhone 6


With Apple’s annual release schedule, rumors and leaks seem to pop up like clockwork as we approach the date of the next supposed launch. Today, Chinese site C Tech posted photos of what is claimed to be the next generation iPhone, which, if Apple continues the pattern, will likely be called the iPhone 6. The photos,… Read More

Digitimes: Next iPad to be lighter, mini to feature updated display


According to a report today from Digitimes, the next round of iPads will feature some exciting differences. The main focus of the new iPad mini will be an enhanced display, which a lot of people feel has been missing from the iPad mini released earlier this year. The sources have yet to specify whether the… Read More