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First images of iPhone 6 leaked to the public


Today, a Twitter user by the name of mornray886 shared with MacRumors what is believed to be leaked pictures of Apple’s next device, the iPhone 6. Sonny Dickson, a reputable source for Apple parts leaks, has also confirmed these images as legitimate. These pictures seem to suggest that the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone will be… Read More

Apple’s iWatch To Have New Security Features (Video)

Apple's iWatch Could Bring Security to a New Level

Apple’s iWatch is the next big rumored thing. Smart watches are alleged to be the future, and allowing an ‘accessory’ to do this, will ease consumers to a new path. We hear of our favorite companies producing/developing a smart watch every day, and it is apparent that it will be a massive free-for-all when they… Read More

Alleged iPhone 5S Parts Already Leaked


Only months after the iPhone 5’s release leaks of Apple’s upcoming phone have already been posted online. The photos shown in this post originated from ETradeSupply, where they show the similarities and differences between the rumored upcoming phone and the current iPhone 5. The two look very similar dispite the small changes highlighted below. While we are unsure of the name of Apple’s… Read More

New iPhone 5 Prototype Parts Assembled Into Rear Shell


A new find by iResQ strengthens the legitimacy of many of the leaked iPhone parts we have seen over the last few months. They fitted leaked components of the new device into the rear shell successfully. The fact that the new dock connector and headphone jack fit right in place increases the chance that these… Read More