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iPhone 5S ringed home button shown off in concept renderings


A while ago, some packaging for the iPhone 5S surfaced that showed the home button sporting a ring around it, as one of the small design differences between the iPhone 5 and the new device that is expected to be announced at this Tuesday’s Apple event. This ring is believed to be related to the… Read More

A Closer Look At The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor

For a long time there have been rumors of an included biometric sensor in the next generation iPhone. They originated from some code found in beta versions of the iOS 7 SDK that was published by 9To5Mac. This information seemed very plausible, however,we were not sure Apple planned to release this new hardware in the… Read More

iOS 7 beta 4 released, all but confirms fingerprint scanner to come


Apple has just today released the latest beta for iOS 7, available to download on the developer website or via an OTA upgrade. The update brings some UI enhancements and bug fixes, but some even more interesting files were found buried in the release that strongly suggest that the rumored fingerprint scanner on the iPhone… Read More

iPhone 5S leak reveals fingerprint scanner, 2 GB RAM, and 12 MP camera


Today we have a brand new leak of parts and specs for the next generation of iPhone, with an unverified source posting production shots of the iPhone 5S. The supposed pictures of the device show the back panel, which looks fairly similar to the current iPhone 5 back panel, with its aluminum backing. Accompanying these… Read More

New patent hints further at upcoming fingerprinting technology in iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks


Patents have long been a source of rumors from Apple, and since they are available to the public there is little that Apple can do to stop it. In this newest find from Patently Apple, it seems that iPhone may soon be capable of scanning your fingerprint with a system built directly into the bezel… Read More