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How To Unlock iPhone On iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3 / 6.1.1 / 6.1 / 6.0 / 5.1.1


Recently, law passed that made unlocking cell phones in the United States illegal for phones bought after January 26th 2013. While the rules are not really enforced currently we recommend U.S. citizens to use phones purchased before the 26th. If you don’t know already, unlocking a phone will allow it to run on any other carrier supported… Read More

Apple’s iRadio Service Coming This Summer


Last year, we reported on a story from WSJ talking about an upcoming online streaming radio service to be produced by Apple. Since then, there has been the occasional news with minor details on the production of the service. A few months ago, Apple made an offer to label companies for 6 cents per 100 songs streamed half of its… Read More

iMessage Back Up For Some of Those Experiencing Outages

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 4.15.20 PM

Throughout much of today, we received reports of outages in Apple’s iMessage service, despite the status page stating no issues. Now, Apple has successfully begun restoring service to the users affected, so if some of your texts weren’t going through earlier today, you may want to check now. This marks the latest in several recent outages for… Read More

WSJ Reports That New Apple Streaming Service May Rival Pandora and Spotify


With the upcoming Apple media event less than a week away, expectations are rising as we anticipate what exactly Apple will unveil. Obviously the iPhone 5 will be taking center stage, but this is also the time of Apple’s yearly music keynote, which they have since incorporated the iPhone into. As part of this, the… Read More

Grooveshark Launches HTML5 Web Version For Mobile Devices


Music streaming service Grooveshark just gained an additional feature, the ability to stream any song for free on any mobile/iDevice. After being rejected from the Apple App Store they had no other choice to get their service out to the large group of iOS users, other than the jailbreak package they currently have. Personally, I  am a huge… Read More

AT&T Begins To Throttle Heavy Data Users


With the next generation iPhone announcement coming in the next few days AT&T has started sending out notices via text to people that have been using a large amount of data. AT&T stopped offering their unlimited plan a while ago, and since then have been doing a great deal of things to get people to stop using… Read More