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Microsoft unveils Siri-like digital assistant ‘Cortana’ in Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft announced today the latest update to the Windows Phone operating system, Windows Phone 8.1. This update brings several new features such as a more customizable start screen and lockscreen themes. One feature looked slightly familiar to fans of iOS or Android, however: Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana. Cortana is a voice control mechanism for your… Read More

Siri cuts reliance on Google, Apple Maps picks up the slack

Image courtesy of Business Insider

Since the debut of Siri with iOS 5, the personal assistant has become something of a phenomenon, with many users on both sides of the spectrum, praising and criticizing the service. Now, with Google adding their own voice assistant to their search app, Siri has been forced to become even more competitive. Judging by the… Read More

Get Siri To Give You Directions Via Google Maps


Earlier this week, Google Maps was introduced into the iOS App Store, and received a whole host of coverage on what seems like every media outlet out there. Rightly so, it’s a whole lot better than Apple’s own mapping service. This being said, using bespoke Apple applications does have it’s avantages; namely the integration with the rest of Apple’s… Read More

Google Now Coming To Mac & Windows Through Chrome


It looks like Google Now, the Siri competitor developed originally for Android is going to be integrated into the desktop Chrome browser. Recently, the software made its debut on iPhone  a few weeks ago through Googles search application. Now they are planning on bringing it head to head with Siri on the Mac. Nothing is available as of yet and we only know… Read More

Siri vs. Google Now vs. Voice Search (Comparison)


Earlier today, Apple finally saw fit to approve the Voice Search update to the Google Search application. Due to this, I thought the time was fitting to bring to you a comparison between the three giants in personal assistant technologies, Google Now, Voice Search and of course Siri. Now whilst Siri is an awesome bit… Read More

Install Siri On iOS 6, 6.0 iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G Fully Working

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Recently, a Siri port recently became available working for the  iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS on iOS 6. The processes is fairly simple but requires a tethered jailbreak on 6.0 which is a little more complicated. Installing Siri on your device can be irreversible and may require a restore in the future. Before you begin… Read More

iOS 6 Beta 4 Overview and Features (Video)


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Eyb_TcCREE iOS 6 has brought features to the iPhone that us the users have wanted for quite some time. These features are advanced maps and advanced Siri. As each new Beta is released we see new updates in previous features that are new in iOS 6 and the destruction of old things that were in… Read More

Apple Taking Action Against Siri Proxies


Recently some news has surfaced that Apple has started filing DMCA complaints to websites and their host providers requesting that their Siri Proxy services and websites be taken down within 12 hours. There have been a handful of proxies that have received these complaints and have been forced to shutdown. I would like to stress the difference… Read More

Best Siri Theme – Siri AudioBars

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l84lOKF_3Ck&feature=youtu.be Follow @EatMyApplez Tired of the boring old purple Siri mic? Well now you can absolutely pimp out your Siri with Siri AudioBars, a theme available from the BigBoss Repo for $1.50. This sweet theme makes your Siri mic look like it’s bumping the bass every time you talk to it. It has a very nice looking… Read More

Get Siri Working Easily With Wordjelly- Best Working Siri Server


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okrpQAO3kS0 Follow @EatMyApplez Been dying to get Siri on your older device but can’t seem to find a working server? Well look no further. Here is an excellent way to get your iDevice connected called Wordjelly. Its fast & easy to install.  You can watch my video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions.… Read More

INSTALL FULLY WORKING SIRI ON iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4, 3Gs, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 1, 2 & 3 on 5.1.1 for FREE


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbSTXSt39v0 Follow @EatMyApplez Note There is a chance your device will get stuck in a bootloop. Make sure to backup your device and know what you are doing before following the steps below.   Well as the title says, here it is! How to fully install Siri on your iOS 5.1.1 device!! This process is… Read More

Siri in iOS 6 Receives Major Upgrade


As another part of today’s WWDC conference, Apple announced and demoed iOS 6, the next generation of the most advanced mobile operating system. One of the biggest new features was highly improved performance from Siri. Along with adding sports stats, and movies, Apple has greatly improved the performance of Siri with restaurants, and even allowed Siri… Read More