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Phone Monkey – Full Review

Phone Monkey Stand

Stands for smartphones are either in two categories. They’re fantastic, they do as advertised, but most times are bulky, and non-attractive Or, the stand is stunning with beauty, but is too cheap, and does not work. The Phone Monkey is both pieces of the pie, and is a fun, attractive-looking stand, whilst holding up your… Read More

Keyprop Elegant Phone Stand


The Keyprop is a Kickstarter Project that wants to make a stand more elegant, and simpler to use. The Keyprop features a key-like design with a hole at the top to connect to your keyring, and then a Lightning port followed by a 3.5mm jack. There are two ways to connect this elegant product to… Read More

China surpasses US as top smartphone market


China has long been behind in terms of technology consumption, and even with over one billion people, they have lagged behind with smartphone adoption, as measured by activated Android and iOS devices. As shown by data from Flurry Analytics, however, China has officially passed the US, the previous largest market for such devices. Here is… Read More

Apple has captured 53% of smartphone market, rumors of demise greatly exaggerated


If recent news is anything to go by, some might think that Apple is receding greatly, on the verge of a collapse. However, according to a new report from Kantar Worldpanel illustrates just the opposite: Apple is doing better than ever, in terms of market share at least. The report suggests that Apple has successfully… Read More

Apple Identifies Samsung Phones They Will Attempt To Ban In The US

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 5.05.27 PM

Last week Apple was awarded  a billion dollars for patent infringement by Samsung. Now that the court has rulled in their favor they wish to seek bans on many of Samsung’s phones in the United States. The eight devices are listed below Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S2 (AT&T) Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) Galaxy S2 Epic… Read More