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How To Increase iPhone 5 ATT & T-Mobile LTE/4G Speeds With A Carrier Hack [Update Verizon]


Recently, hackers released modified carrier packages that will allow users to take full advantage of their AT&T or T-Mobile connections. This hack has no downside and can be done quickly with no jailbreak needed. Requirements iPhone 5 Only Att Data Plan or T-Mobile Data Plan Mac or PC Steps Backup your phone just in case. On your… Read More

iPhone 4S HSPA+ new antenna extends 3G data and phone coverage


After getting the new iPhone 4s it is evident that the 3G speeds on it are quite a bit faster than the iPhone 4 and combined with the new processing power results in an immensely improved web browsing experience. Apple claims that the device can download at the high rates of 14 megabits per second close to what many… Read More