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FIRSTSTAND Smartwatch Stand Review


Smartwatches are the future. I state it time and time again. As smartwatches evolve the accessories come for them as well. We have earbuds, cases, stands, cables, etc. How do we truly display/charge our smartwatches whilst being able to see the notifications? The FIRSTSTAND does both of these things, and allows your smartphone to come… Read More

Phone Monkey – Full Review

Phone Monkey Stand

Stands for smartphones are either in two categories. They’re fantastic, they do as advertised, but most times are bulky, and non-attractive Or, the stand is stunning with beauty, but is too cheap, and does not work. The Phone Monkey is both pieces of the pie, and is a fun, attractive-looking stand, whilst holding up your… Read More

Keyprop Elegant Phone Stand


The Keyprop is a Kickstarter Project that wants to make a stand more elegant, and simpler to use. The Keyprop features a key-like design with a hole at the top to connect to your keyring, and then a Lightning port followed by a 3.5mm jack. There are two ways to connect this elegant product to… Read More

The Breffo Spiderpodium is the most crazy iPad stand you’ll ever use


We’re definitely not short of rather pointless accessories in the tech world. With a new product release from Apple, comes many products that just don’t really have a place in many people’s workflow. I frequently get told that technology stands come into this category, which I vehemently deny. Stand allow me to sit at my… Read More

The new Mika stand by Bluelounge is beautiful, and universal.

Mika Stand 1

Bluelounge is a company focused on ‘simplifying your digital lifestyle’, and their brand new product titled the ‘Mika’ certainly aids this ethos. Mika has only just been announced worldwide, however I’ve had the stand for the past week or so, and am able to provide you with my full opinion on the product. The stand is… Read More