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Samsung could be facing $15 billion fine for using standard essential patents to litigate Apple


In a report concurrent with the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung, the latter may soon face fines of up to $15 billion for using patents that have been incorporated into varios standards against Apple. Specifically, Samsung attempted to sue Apple based on patents that are essential to the 3G standard, which Apple conforms to.… Read More

Instagram qualms user fears, clarifies policy change


After some excitement yesterday about Instagram’s (now owned by Facebook) policy change, the online photo sharing giant has stepped in to state their position. Instagram is an app-turned-worldwide phenomenon that enables users to quickly snap a picture and share it with all their friends. They were bought up earlier this year by Facebook, and since… Read More

Apple Posts Updated, Corrected Statement on UK Samsung Patent Ruling


As part of Apple’s recent legal attack on Samsung products, their legal battle in the UK actually ended with Apple being ordered to post a statement on their UK website acknowledging that Samsung did not in fact copy the iPad. However, in the original statement they posted, Apple selected the quotes from the ruling that… Read More

Apple Responds to SMS Vulnerability Found by Pod2g


Earlier today, we reported that iOS jailbreaker pod2g had found a vulnerability in iOS that allowed people to spoof the origin of an SMS text message. Pod2g pressured Apple to patch the issue, and advised that all users be wary of text messages they receive until Apple does something about this security flaw. Now, Engadget has received… Read More