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Microsoft unveils Siri-like digital assistant ‘Cortana’ in Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft announced today the latest update to the Windows Phone operating system, Windows Phone 8.1. This update brings several new features such as a more customizable start screen and lockscreen themes. One feature looked slightly familiar to fans of iOS or Android, however: Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana. Cortana is a voice control mechanism for your… Read More

Black iPhone 5 Scratching/Scuffgate Fix


After using the black iPhone 5 for over a month now it is is clear that there is an obvious downside to the new look. While the build and design are gorgeous the small rim of the device get scratched easily revealing the silver metal underneath due to the way it was painted. If you use… Read More

iPad Mini VS Nexus 7 Drop Test

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 10.22.24 AM

The iPad mini was just released and already people around the world have been dropping them to see how durable Apple’s new product really is. Android Authority did a drop test comparison with a Nexus 7, Google’s competing tablet. The results were less evident than other drop tests as tablets tend to shatter faster due to their… Read More

Apple’s New Fusion Drive


Apple today announced a brand new version of storage device for their Macs, a compromise between the HDD and the SSD, called the fusion drive. This storage device features a combination of SSD and HDD technology, so that certain applications can be stored on the faster flash memory resulting in a faster computer. In Apple’s… Read More

Gaming on the iPod Touch 5G (Video)


The iPod Touch was created to provide consumers with a device that was everything the iPhone had, without the data plan. With that being said, prices drastically changed between the devices. In this new iPod Touch, there is a 4-inch screen, 5 MP camera, Loop, and much more! One thing that the iPod Touch specializes… Read More