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Unlikely Rumor States The New iPhone Will Be Announced On August 7th

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Apple released the previous model of the iPhone last year on the 14th of October announcing a little over a week earlier on the 4th. Shifting the from previous years June announcement was a big change and it is expected that Apple will keep with its yearly updates around the same time. This being said, Know… Read More

New iPhone 5 Prototype Contains NFC Chips

Screen Shot 2012-06-25 at 10.48.32 AM

Theres a good chance that Apple will implement near field communication into their next iPhone. 9To5Mac looked closer into their leaked prototypes and discovered NFC controllers directly connected to the power management unit.  This means that Apple is looking to compete with services like Google Wallet with the next generation iPhone. In addition Apple owns patents containing images with NFC chips.  Its… Read More

Full Gallery Of The New iPhone 5 (6th Generation) Concept Images


Many stunning concept images of the new iPhone have come out over the last few weeks. Since they have been scattered between other news posts we have decided to collect them all into one post. While nothing is guaranteed on the six generation iPhone many of these renderings are based off rumors and leaks. Use the page buttons below to… Read More

Check Out This Amazing Transparent iPhone 5 Concept Video

Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 12.44.59 PM

Looking back, it has been almost two years since Apple has changed the design of the iPhone. Large amounts of rumors have inspired many talented designers to create their own ideal next generation iPhone. Sometimes the more abstract videos are the best as they incorporate ideas that look amazing even if they are not likely to implemented anytime… Read More

Check Out These Amazing 3D Renderings Of The New iPhone Based On Previous Leaks


Earlier today many people were fooled by a set of images uploaded to MacOtakara into believing that the showcased phones were legitimately leaked from Apple. It turns out that they are only renderings based on the earlier leaks originating from 9To5Mac. That being said the images make the phone look more visually pleasing so we thought we would share them with you. [Via]… Read More