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Watch Videos Anywhere on iOS with VideoPane

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Over the last few months the jailbreak scene has been getting less and less attention as everyone is interested in iOS 7 and upcoming Apple products. Since our last few tweak videos there has been a great deal of new tweaks published to Cydia, but mostly dull uninteresting ones with little value. VideoPane, however, is an… Read More

Best Cydia Tweaks for Week 03/04/13! Tweak Week #2!


Tweak Week is a recurring feature on JBN, where I go over the top jailbreak tweaks that have been released in our around the week gone by. The week beginning 03/04/13 wasn’t as memorable as last week, and there were a few things that I omitted such as the update that GridLock gained for iOS 6 compatiblilty.… Read More

The Top 3 Lock screen Themes For Evasi0n Jailbreak


So many people have been asking me about the Lock screen theme that I’m currently using, after I teased it over on Twitter. Because of this, and because of how well received my previous posts on some beautifully simple and elegant Lock screen themes have been, I thought I’d compile a top three themes list. The video… Read More

Top New Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 6 Kamera, Haptic Keyboard & Power Music


Since the release of Evasi0n a few weeks ago, more developers have been inspired to build additional tweaks. In today’s video we highlighted the best to show off to our fans, all of which are available on Cydia and cheap/free. If you haven’t already make sure to check out our top tweaks video here. We hope you… Read More

Best Free Evasi0n Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 6 / iPhone 5 #2


One of the biggest complains we have gotten from our first episode is the fact that many of the tweaks were paid. While there are many great paid tweaks, there are also an abundance of free ones that have no downsides. Today, we are happy to announce that we our second episode of best free Evasi0n tweaks… Read More

Best Evasi0n Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 6 / iPhone 5 [Video]

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With the Evasi0n jailbreak now at 4 million users it is obvious that not everyone has jailbroken before and may need an introduction. In this video we show off some of the best jailbreak tweaks that work well with iOS 6 and the newer devices. Some are paid and some are free, and we highly recommend you download them… Read More

Best Jailbreak Tweaks Of September 2012!

Best Tweaks

Before we start, I will just apologise quickly for this episode of the best tweaks of 2012 being so obtusely late, however better late than never right? With the release of the iPhone 5, september was a little bit on the lackluster side for jailbreak tweaks – however we have of course found you 3 pretty awesome… Read More

Flurry For Twitter Review & Comparison To Tweetbot


Recently, a new application named Flurry For Twitter was released into the App Store. We talked to the developer @aaronash yesterday as he showed off the app’s features. Flurry is in direct competition with other  popular twitter clients such as Tweetbot acting as a similar remedy to the decaying default twitter application . The app is quite… Read More

Best iOS 5 iPad Jailbreak Tweaks


Many of the jailbreak tweaks we have covered in the past work exceptionally well on iPad. While the 3rd generation iPad still remains without a public jailbreak we can hope to see one in the near future. Until then check out our list of some of the best jailbreak tweaks for the iPad. Tweaks: Winterboard Inteliscreenx Full force… Read More

Apple Releases List of Top Apps All Time

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Just yesterday Apple ended their countdown for the 25 billionth app, just one year after their 10 billionth download in January, 2011. 15 billion apps in one year is a huge accomplishment, and in honor, Apple has released a list of the all time top apps. For paid iPhone apps, the top 25 is: Angry… Read More

Cydia Tweak “Deck” Adds A Hotbar To Your Jailbroken iPhone


Coming soon to Cydia, Deck will allow you to add a hot bar to your device. The tweak acts similarly to notification center, however, instead of sliding down the tweak is invoked by an activator action. The clear choice is the slide left option as it feels like you are pulling the menu open.  The… Read More

Customize Your iPhone With These Three Jailbreak Tweaks That Add Nice Transitions

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Many people jailbreak for the ability to fully customize their iDevice’s look, but not everyone knows about  Barrel, iUnlock, and WeeRoll three tweaks that allow for further customization. All three tweaks work the same way by adding the ability to customize transitions throughout the device. Barrel works with the springboard and flipping through pages of apps, WeeRoll modifies the animation… Read More