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Apple reportedly buys 3D body sensor company PrimeSense for $345 million


According to a report from the Israeli Calcalist.co.il, Apple has just added another startup to its growing list of purchases: the Israel-based PrimeSense. This company produced the technology that was originally part of the Microsoft Kinect, one of the most well-known full-body sensors. This choice on Apple’s part just further contributes to the rumors about… Read More

Tim Cook Responds To iTV and iWatch Rumors At D11 Conference


This year at the D11 conference Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was interviewed on his views on vision of Apple and the future of innovation at the company. Tim Cook’s Stance On TV He ignores the real question about a TV project at Apple by talking about how the current Apple TV has been selling well. He then… Read More

Apple job listing looks for manager to bring “next generation features” to Apple TV

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Apple job listings have long been a source of rumor, since they require Apple to reveal publicly at least some of their future plans. Today, a job listing was found that hints at an upcoming overhaul for the Apple TV, which has not seen a major update for a couple years now. The advertised job… Read More

OUYA: A New Video Game Console Based On The Mobile Development Scene


Today, we’re bringing you news that steps a little outside our Apple focus. Over the past couple days, a Kickstarter project has become very popular, especially in the mobile development scene. OUYA is a project that aims to bring a full fledged game console experience to the TV, that also has the open-endedness of development… Read More

Apple Releases New iPad Ad

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When a screen becomes this good, colors are more vibrant. Words are pin sharp. Everything is more brilliant. Because when a screen becomes this good, it’s simply you and the things you care about. The stunning Retina Display on the new iPad.… Read More