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New Jailbreak Tweak Fancy Adds Color Customization Options to iOS

Just recently a new jailbreak tweak was released into Cydia named Fancy. After buying it for $.99 users can add additional color options to their device to further differentiate their experience from that of stock iOS 7. The tweak currently supports customization for Banners, Notification Center, Control Center, Dock, HUDs, Spotlight, Assistant, and Keyboard.  … Read More

Watch Videos Anywhere on iOS with VideoPane

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 6.41.05 PM

Over the last few months the jailbreak scene has been getting less and less attention as everyone is interested in iOS 7 and upcoming Apple products. Since our last few tweak videos there has been a great deal of new tweaks published to Cydia, but mostly dull uninteresting ones with little value. VideoPane, however, is an… Read More

Creating the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone: Best Lockscreen Theme – Episode 1


During the videos that I produce here on JBN on a weekly basis, such as iOS 6 Cydia Picks, I get asked what my favourite jailbreak tweaks are. In the past, I’ve done features highlighting things like this, however I’ve been wanting to start a project like this for a while, and I think now… Read More

Long awaited tweak Velox now available on Cydia

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Velox is a tweak newly released jailbreak tweak that has been greatly anticipated for quite some time now. Velox is a tweak that allows you to quickly access the features of many different applications directly from the homescreen. The basic concept is pretty simple. A swipe on an app icon will open an interface on… Read More

How To Get Chat Heads On iOS With Message Box

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Over the last few weeks Adam Bell  has been working hard on a new tweak that bring full Chat Heads function to iOS. Chat Heads were introduced in Facebook Home for Android and then incorporated into the iOS Facebook app. Until yesterday, because of Apple’s restrictions they would close when Facebook closed. With Message Box this is not the case, the… Read More

Atom tweak for iOS overhauls the standard lockscreen

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A tweak from well-known developers Tyler Nettlton and Surenix has just hit the Cydia Store, called Atom. Atom provides a while new interface to the lockscreen, and gets rid of the conventional “slide to unlock” that has become so familiar. Instead, Atom presents the user with a screen that is blank apart from a single… Read More

Install Android Jelly Bean Lock Screen On The iPhone With JellyLock


Since our best tweaks video that we yesterday, there have already been some amazing new tweaks released. One of which is named JellyLock which adds an android like feature to the iPhone and iPod Touch’s lock screen. Once installed, your devices slide to unlock bar will be replaced with a lock icon. Once tapped more icons… Read More

This is how toggles should look in iOS 7


Here at JBN, we love a good concept video. Due to this being a relatively simple way for artists to display their user interface design skills, this particular genre never ceases to amaze me. A new concept has hit YouTube, in which the creator visualises a method for toggles within iOS, and they’re simply beautiful.… Read More

Up-and-coming tweak Badger is now accepting beta applications

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Badger is a heavily anticipated jailbreak tweak that has been in development for quite some time. It allows you to view and manage notifications for individual apps, and is directly accessible from the SpringBoard. In the developer’s own words: “[Badger is an] iOS tweak allowing users to view notifications by tapping the app’s notification badge on… Read More

Best New Cydia Tweaks 4/5/13: TouchPal and Badge Customizer


Over the last week, there have been many new jailbreak tweaks, two of which caught my interest. Instead of including them all I thought I would focus on the best as quality should be valued over quantity when it comes to tweaking your device. Both are 100% free and relatively easy to install. TouchPal (Free): Touchpal offers a keyboard… Read More

Set a Certain Springboard Page as the Default Home Screen With DefaultSBPage


The new DefaultSBPage tweak allows you to do exactly what the name implies. It allows you to set a specific page on your Springboard as your default homescreen. As soon as you unlock your iPhone, it will directly go to the specific springboard page you chose. Once installed, all the preferences are located in the… Read More

RaiseToCall Tweak Allows you to Call the Person You Are Texting With Ease


Kaushal Trivedi’s RaiseToCall Tweak lets you call the person you are texting simply by raising your phone to your head. The tweak is compatible with both the stock Messages app and the popular biteSMS app. The screen will automatically turn off when raised to the ear, the hardware used for this tweak is the same… Read More