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SearchEnable Goes Live In Cydia


Only yesterday, we showed you the cydia tweak ‘SearchEnable’. Well less than a day on, and it’s already live in Cydia’s ModMyi repo. This is the jailbreak tweak that allows you to use more than the standard ┬áiOS search engines in mobile safari. For more information on this tweak, be sure to visit this article.… Read More

BrightnessPlug Allows For Custom Brightness When You Plug In Your Device


Everyone has a custom brightness which they use for everyday iPhone / iPod/ iPad usage. It’s more habit than anything else, for me, it’s about halfway in between – as I feel like I am conserving battery whilst still being able to see my screen perfectly. However you may have noticed that if your device… Read More

SearchEnable Allows You To Use More Search Engines On Safari (Preview)


There may have been times where you need to use an alternative search engine to the three included with stock safari (Google, Yahoo, Bing). If there has been for you, you may be interested in this upcoming jailbreak tweak named ‘SearchEnable’. The idea behind this tweak, is that it allows you to search, within the… Read More

iTypeWriter Turns Your iPhone Into A TypeWriter (Kind Of)


If you’ve ever said to yourself whilst writing a text: ‘I wish my iPhone sounded like an old-school typewriter’ then I have the tweak for you. Unfortunately, for all the normal people reading this post, the tweak costs $0.99 – and isn’t really worth it. iTypeWriter effectively swaps out the clicky iPhone typing noise that… Read More

BannersPlus Is a NotiPad Competitor That Places Growl Inspired Notifications On Your iPad


Growl is a popular notification system for mac, which allows the user to have system updates for a varity of different occurances on their system. Unfortunately, it was just that, mac only. Well now iOS users can download either NotiPad or Banners+, and have the experience on their iPad – aesthetically at least. NotiPad was… Read More