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BrightSlide – Quick Access Toggles & Sliders


BrightSlide is a very tight little jailbreak tweak which allows the user to set up an activator action & gives access to 4 toggles: flashlight, wifi, airplane mode & bluetooth. All of these toggles work well, and the tweak even gives access to 2 sliders, one which controls the devices brightness and one which modifies… Read More

Aero – The Best App Switcher?


With an array of different app switcher alternatives on cydia, it’s tough to find the one which is suitable for you. However, I would be prepared to bet an awful lot that you’ll find something you like within ‘Aero’. It’s pretty much the definitive app switcher, and it looks just stunning. There are an assortment of… Read More

UpsideDown – Prank Your Friends With This Tweak


Getting into theme of a very very late april fool’s, Ryan Petrich, the developer of tweaks such as Activator, HapticPro, DisplayRecorder among others – has created a simple little jailbreak tweak which will flip all of your apps upside down. It’s exactly as it sounds. In the description, it says nothing but ‘April Fool’s!’ and… Read More

MediaSpeak – Spoken Song Alerts (Preview)


Many, if not all of you, will have heard of the tweak ‘MusicBanners’ it is a jailbreak tweak which notified you every time a song changed on your device. This upcoming tweak ‘MediaSpeak’ takes this notion and messes with it in a way that’s pretty cool. It turns the visual notification into an audio notification. That’s right,… Read More

iSleepWell – Tweak for Light Sleepers!


With jailbreaking, comes a reasonable amount of pointless or gimmicky tweaks. However occasionally one which has a very decent functionality in it comes along, and iSleepWell is no different. It will activate Airplane mode when the proximity sensor of your phone senses it is flat down on a surface. It will also confirm this by… Read More

Photo Enhancer – Manage & Hide your Albums


Photo Enhancer is an ‘in development’ jailbreak tweak, which adds a little bit more snaz to your iDevice’s photo albums. It brings the ability to hide all of the photos within your albums, or even hide your albums all together. Now whilst some features are still in beta, the product definitely isn’t finished, the developer even… Read More

How to Back Up your Jailbreak Tweaks!


I cannot count the amount of times I’ve jailbroken my device for a couple of months, only to have a slight problem which calls for a full system restore. Now every time this occurred, I’d debate on whether or not I should re-jailbreak, for the sole reason that I didn’t want to have to go back… Read More



People like me will know how painful it is to copy that email address to your clipboard, get sidetracked in the middle, and copy several things in that time only to paste the random copies into your email. ClipboardEdit for Notification Centre is the ‘addon’ for you! It gives you the ability to check what… Read More



These tweak developed by Ryan Petrich & Nikos brings an exciting feature to the iPhone/iPod. They give the ability to receive and send any type of files to and from your device. This is esspecially useful for files such as .deb files, which allow cydia packages to be installed to your device without launching cydia.… Read More

TouchPose+ (Preview)


TouchPose was released a couple of weeks ago to the cydia repos, and with it came an average amount of hype. Mainly among the video making crowd, as it brings a fantastic feature for people wishing to demonstrate things on their iPhone. With TouchPose+ the pretence of the tweak is the same, however it brings… Read More

Camera Grabber for iOS 5 – iOS 5.1 Camera Lock


With the release of iOS 5.1, one of the most renowned featured was the addition of the camera slider on your lockscreen. This removed the need to double tap your homebutton, thus making it quicker and more efficient. However all of the world’s jailbreakers sighed with slight annoyance, at the fact that they would have to keep… Read More