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DownloadMove Repositions The App Download Bar and Shows a Download Percentage


A few months back, I shared with you the jailbreak tweak ‘AppCent‘. It allowed you to have a download percentage as opposed to a download bar for application downloads in progress. DownloadMove takes this concept, and adds to it a little bit – adding the functionality to reposition the download bar for the installation. You… Read More

IconsLock Provides System Level Power Functions On Your Lockscreen


Within the jailbreaking community, there are many ways to produce the same function. Unfortunately, IconsLock falls into this category. It places 4 system level functions (power functions) on your lockscreen, which are: respring, power off, restart and safe mode. Be sure to check out the video below to see how these actually function: As you… Read More

ChooseMyFunction V2 Allows You To Assign Custom Functions To An Application


When I first downloaded ChooseMyFunction, the first thing which struck me was it’s similarity to ‘Dreamcoin‘, which I covered a few weeks back. This is because they run on pretty much the same prinicpal. They place an app icon on your homescreen, which can be assigned custom functions. Such as respring, turn off, safe mode… Read More

NCFullStatusBar Gives More Information For Notification Center on iPad


Whenever you’re playing a fullscreen game on an iPad, and you happen to invoke notification centre, the only information you are presented with from the original status bar is the time. NCFullStatusBar aims to fix this. Once installed, you have the option to use it always, or only within full screen applications. Once you select… Read More

Ayecon Gets Liveclock Addon Goodness

Ayecon Liveclock

When I first posted about the benchmark iOS theme ‘Ayecon‘. I thought it was pretty much perfect. It just works, and will turn pretty much any iOS layout into a beautiful one. However recently with the update of Liveclock to iOS 5.1 compatibility, the clock icon has been sticking out like a sore thumb on… Read More

Monocle Improves The Fullscreen App Experience


Only yesterday, a tweak was released into cydia by developer Rud0lf77, which allowed you to remove the status bar of any application you were in. This effectively turned every application fullscreen on the iPhone. Today, this idea has been built on by one of the flagship jailbreak tweak designers Ryan Petrich. Petrich has taken the… Read More

Handwriting Recognition Enables Handwriting Text Input for iDevices


Ever since the release of handwriting text input for google searching, I’ve been wondering when this jailbreak tweak would be released. As always, the community didn’t keep me waiting for long – enter ‘Handwriting Recognition’. Handwriting Recognition does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Enables handwriting recognition for your iDevice. You access… Read More

BrightnessControl brings a more accurate way to dim or brighten your screen

Screen shot 2012-07-28 at 1.33.56 PM

BrightnessControl is a free tweak on Cydia off the ModMyi repo that changes the brightness slider in the settings application to a list of percentages for your device’s brightness level. This list allows you to more accurately dim or brighten your screen to any percentage you would like. This tweak works out great, but however… Read More

NotiPad Just Got a Whole Lot More Awesome


So most of you will probably know about the jailbreak tweak ‘Notipad’. I originally decided not to cover this due to the fact that ‘Banners+‘ did pretty much exactly the same thing, but it was free. The developer of NotiPad no doubt saw these complaints, and decided to add a ton of extra functionality to… Read More

SearchEnable Goes Live In Cydia


Only yesterday, we showed you the cydia tweak ‘SearchEnable’. Well less than a day on, and it’s already live in Cydia’s ModMyi repo. This is the jailbreak tweak that allows you to use more than the standard ┬áiOS search engines in mobile safari. For more information on this tweak, be sure to visit this article.… Read More