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Twitter now Available on Google Glass (Video)

Twitter for Google Glass

Google I/O 2013 main keynote took place yesterday on May 15th, 2013. Tons of great things are coming to Android, Chrome, and many more Google products. One thing released last year that completely changed the way we look at technology (no pun intended) was Google Glass. Sergey Brin sky dove into Google I/O debuting Google… Read More

Twitter updates app with new photo filters


As we reported yesterday, Twitter was planning to release an update to their iPhone app that added Instagram-esque filter options when tweeting photos. Now, this feature has officially been released and is available in an update on the App Store. This feature comes in update 5.2, with the list of changes being: Apply one of… Read More

Twitter Introduces Instrgram Like Photo Filters For iOS and Android


Over the last few weeks there has been a great deal of stress between Twitter and Instagram due to Twitters actions used to restrict Instagram photos from posting directly on twitter feeds. Today, Twitter pulled yet another controversial stunt with an announcement for photo filters, taking one of the major features seen in Instagram for their own. For more information feel free to watch… Read More

Completely redesigned Twitterrific 5 released on the App Store

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 6.29.54 PM

According to reports today, some users in varios regions have been seeing Twitterrific 5 pop up in the App Store. Here is the link for those of you that have access to it, and more are gaining access every hour. Twitterrific is one of the alternative Twitter clients, for those that don’t particularly like Twitter’s official… Read More