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T-Mobile Jump: Explained!


T-Mobile has done it again! Another successful press event that is dedicated to the consumers. Their newest plan includes more 4G LTE to more destinations, a new phone plan that covers 4 people in your family for a total of $100/month, and Jump. T-Mobile’s Jump enables you the consumer to upgrade to the latest version… Read More

9.7″ 128GB iPad Announced, Costs $799


Apple have just announced a 128GB full sized retina iPad. This update doubles the previous maximum storage of Apple’s frontline tablet, which touted only 64GB of storing goodness. The capacity bump seems to be the only update to the iPad, and it is still being identified as the fourth generation iPad. Apple will be selling… Read More

AT&T Plans To Double Upgrade Fee To $36 On February 12th

Earns AT and T

Over the last few months AT&T has been changing plans, ultimately making it worse for their customers. More news has come out from BGR stating that they have plans to double their existing upgrade charge. If you don’t know, AT&T currently charges $18 to change the phone on your plan. This charge has no relation with the cost of… Read More

iOS 5.0.2 Coming For Battery Issues, 5.1 For Siri Upgrade


Besides the minor update of iOS 5.0.1, we haven’t really seen a whole lot of activity iOS-wise in the past few days. Now, reports are coming out of not one, but two future upgrades already planned for iOS 5. The first is iOS 5.0.2, the second is iOS 5.1. Supposedly, Apple will be releasing 5.0.2 to… Read More