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TouchID, HomeKit, Camera, and more opened up to developers at WWDC

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Today, Apple announced a host of new APIs at WWDC, which enabled developers to more fully utilize the system. TouchID was opened up to developers, allowing them to secure data and information with users fingerprints.   HomeKit is Apple’s rumored home automation platform, and it was announced as expected. This lets your iPhone control all… Read More

iOS 8 brings load of new user features, including quick reply

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Apple announced iOS 8 today at WWDC, introducing a bunch of new features for iOS devices. One of the biggest and most exciting Apple is calling ‘Interactive Notifications’. This feature enables users to respond to notifications without having to migrate away from whatever they are doing. Just swipe down on any notification to respond.  … Read More

iCloud Drive is Apple’s Dropbox killer

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Apple today announced iCloud Drive, a new feature of OS X Yosemite. This feature will enable you to sync files across multiple computers and devices. All app data that sits on your iCloud Drive can be accessed from other macs, iOS devices, and even Windows computers. Check out some pictures.… Read More

iOS 8 featured in new banner at Moscone Center before WWDC


Business Insider reporter Jay Yarow has today tweeted a picture from the Moscone Center, where Apple will be holding WWDC next week. This picture shows a new banner that highlights iOS 8, which was expected to be a focus of the conference. This banner essentially confirms that Apple will be unveiling the latest version of… Read More

Apple To Live Stream WWDC 2014


As you probably know, WWDC 2014 is happening this next Monday, June 2nd. Apple is expected to release many new things including a first look at iOS 8 which rumor has it will include a new health book application along with a plethora of other changes. MacRumors also hints at an 8GB iPhone 5s Model along… Read More

Apple updates WWDC app and website with event schedule, confirms June 2nd keynote


Today, with WWDC less than 2 weeks away, Apple has posted the full schedule for the event online. This schedule can be viewed on Apple’s WWDC website, or in version 2.0 of the WWDC app. This update requires iOS 7.1, so those jailbroken on iOS 7 will not be able to download it. As part… Read More

Apple preparing 12.9 inch iPad Pro for fall launch

xl_iPad Pro

One of the long standing complains about Apple is that compared to many competitors, their screen sizes just don’t match up. This sentiment has showed in recent rumors, with talk of  a 5+ inch iPhone screen and a 12.9 inch iPad (compared to the 4 inch and 9.7 inch screens currently available). According to a… Read More

Apple announces OS X Mavericks

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In an unexpected move today, Apple departed from the usual cat naming scheme, and announced the newest version of OS X, titled Mavericks, in honor of California. It boasts some impressive new features, the most important of which were demoed in the keynote. Finder Finder now supports tabs, which can easily be merged from multiple windows,… Read More

How To Watch WWDC 2013 Live


It recently became clear that Apple will be streaming their WWDC conference live for anyone with an Apple device to listen to. Using this link here, users on Mac OSX 10.6 or iOS 4.2 or higher will be able to stream the keynote. Related Posts WWDC 2013 banners confirm iOS 7 and new version of OS… Read More

WWDC 2013 banners confirm iOS 7 and new version of OS X

2013-06-07_18-53-44-QuickShot 2013.06.07 at 09.47.29

Apple’s 2013 WWDC conference is right around the corner, kicking off on Monday the 10th of June. As such, Apple has already started decorating the Moscone West centre to provide hints about what their upcoming keynote will reveal. As expected, banners for both new versions of OS X and iOS are up, with the iOS banner being… Read More

Apple Begins Setting Up The Moscone Center For WWDC 2013


With WWDC only six days away Apple has begun preparing for the event. Like most other years passers by can see in through the large windows and view some of the posters that are being placed. Currently the only on visible to the public looks very similar to the invitations and reads ‘where a whole new world… Read More