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Google To Release Youtube App Update To Include Multitasking & Playlist Support

Today here at Vidcon 2013 Youtube/Google took the keynote stage to address many common complaints and new features they had implemented over the last few years. They had a big emphasis on the mobile environment as many more people around the world are being introduced to the internet via the growing smartphone and tablet market.… Read More

Google changes YouTube layout yet again, here’s how you can get your subscriptions back


Google has made another update to the layout of their video sharing site YouTube, and as usual people are outraged at various aspects. Although many of these complaints are trivial, and will go away in time, there is one specific one that holds some weight. Visiting the YouTube homepage no longer shows an easily viewable… Read More

YouTube App Gets iPad and iPhone 5 Support (Video Walkthrough)


Earlier today, Apple finally saw fit to approve the latest batch of Google updates into the iOS app store. Among some notable releases such as gmail, the new YouTube application was unveiled for the iPad – as well as full optimisation for the iPhone 5’s 4″ display. No more dealing with letterboxing! The new apps perform really… Read More

How To Install The Original Youtube App On iOS 6


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MHahqMbp0c&feature=youtu.be With the recent release of iOS 6 many people have come to miss the old Youtube app. The only option now a days is to download Googles App from the app store. But now you can get the original app back onto iOS 6! This will come in handy for anyone that misses the… Read More

YTOpener Lets You Open Video Links In The New YouTube App


With the release of iOS 6 right around the corner, I highly doubt you’ve failed to hear that the default iOS YouTube app is no longer within the operating system. This has prompted YouTube to come out with a standalone YouTube app which just blows the stock YouTube app out of the water. However, if you watch… Read More