3 years ago

Yesterday was the official release day for Apple’s 2012 iMac’s to start going on sale. The 21.5″ models went on sale at Apple stores throughout the world, however you’ll have to wait until you can pick up the 27″ variation. As they tend to do after every release, the fantastic hardware experts over at iFixit have released their teardown of Apple’s 5mm-bezelled beast of a desktop – but it’s not good.

I’m sure most people realised that by making the new iteration of the iMac considerably thinner and lighter than the last version, Apple sacrificed repairability in their product. That certainly rings true. Due to the iMac having a laminated display, the glass and the display assembly are fused together, meaning if you were to break one of them – you have to replace both. The display is also glued with adhesive to the body of the iMac, meaning that if you want to remove it, you’ll have to re-glue it back on when you put it back. Not so good.

This all being said, the iMac is clearly a feat of modern technological advancements at it’s best. So much power packed into such a small form factor, along with such a thin and beautiful design, it’s not a deal breaker for me that it’s so unfriendly to user repair. It may cause some people gripes, but I’d just recommend you purchase the right configuration from Apple, than trying to do it yourself to save a few.

[Via iFixit]