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Even though computers running OS X are not sandboxed in the way the iDevices are, developer Andrey Fedotov aims to create an alternative to the Mac App Store. The HackStore hopes to offer an experience like Cydia for iOS,  where people can easily check updates, categories, lists, and more. Around a year ago there were many rumors of Cydia coming to OS X, however, it seems that Saurik is not planning on delivering.

The main reason the HackStore was started was to provide a home for programs in which their main functionality breaks Apples more strict guidelines regarding official App Store. With plenty of potential we will have to wait and see if the store succeeds when it is released. This greatly is dependent on wether developers will support it

Andrey has friends in the development community that have agreed to offer their apps for the HackStore’s launch, but he is so far playing coy with details.

The backbone and main layout of the HackStore is already done, but work still needs to be completed in the areas of security, design, and content. Right now, it’s in rough shape, but Andrey hopes that volunteers will come forward to help with the project.

With the right kind of branding, design, promotion and content, the HackStore could be a hit, but the ultimate question is whether or not developers will rally behind it. As Apple increasingly tries to impose the same app limitations on OS X as they have on iOS, though, it’s more important than ever for developers and users alike to have an alternative.

If you are a designer or programmer who would like to help with the HackStore, you can reach out to Andrey by emailing him here: fedotovhome@mail.ru

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    I don’t understand. Mac app stores such as http://appbodega.com/ existed before Apple Mac App Store and Mac users can already install whatever they want. So what’s the big deal here.The hacker community doesn’t need a store to make it easy to install apps and the user base that needs “easy to find and install” user base already has the Mac App Store.