2 years, 8 months ago

I’ve been on a quest. A quest to find audio equipment for my iPhone, iPad and Mac that doesn’t suck. It’s quite a challenge, because try as I might, I can’t seem to bite the bullet to pick up some $200+ headphones. After MKBHD named the Klipsch S4i his ‘best deal in tech’, I simply had to try them. And? Absolutely no regrets.

The S4i are no slouch when it comes to audio. Whilst the build holds a bit to be desired, the sound that they produce would be stellar coming from a pair of $150 headphones, and these are currently available for $45. What is this madness! My full video review is below:

I’m not going to talk about the audio in a huge amount of detail, I highlighted the key points in the video above. However I will just say that if you’re still stuck on the old Apple earphones, treat yourself to an upgrade. For $45, you can get a great sounding audio device that will pump new life into your iTunes library. The price fluctuates constantly, but if you’re reading this when they are still $45, jump on that deal straight away. Alternatively, $56 is still an absolute steal.

  • kbk4Jesus

    I use these every day and he isn’t kidding. These are the BEST.

    • http://twitter.com/Tom_Rich_ Tom Richardson

      Wouldn’t say the best! You can definitely get better if you pay waaay more, but they’re insane for the price!

      • kbk4Jesus

        Okay, correction, best for me :) and my limited budget. I got them when they were $80. You probably mentioned this and I missed it, but they are very comfortable.

  • Beta382

    I have had these exact earbuds for over a year, and I absolutely am in love with them! They sound better than my Audio-Technica PRO700MK2 cans (which are awesome, by the way. They have massive 53mm drivers [compare to 40mm on Beats], yet still have a pure, balanced sound. I probably just need a portable amp for them. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a “Bang for your buck” circumaural headphone).

    I got the Klipshe S4i for ~$75, and you won’t find anything near as good until you break $250. I will concede that the integrity of the build could be improved. About a month in the sleeve connecting the wire to the earbud (both sides) tore all the way up, but since then nothing else has happened (it is purely cosmetic, it won’t compromise the amazing sound). I am rough with the wire, and while it seems thin, I don’t have a single stretch or tear. The bindings where the wire meets the inner part of the plug/earbud have not disconnected.

    Strongly recommend these.

  • Spitfire

    I’ve had these for over a year now (although I paid $85 for mine at the time). If anyone is looking for a great set of earbuds, the $45 price on Amazon is a STEAL.
    I still use these over the earpods. The earpods are my “back-up/spare” set. The Klipsch are a much better fit in my ears. I don’t think he mentioned it in the video, but they come with several ear tips so you’re sure to find a set that will cradle your ear nicely and stay in (esp while running). It also has a nice little velvet bag, and not the wierd winding thing for the earpods. (I’ve never attempted to wind them up on that thing)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.steele.92 Joshua Steele

    Thanks for the post. I just bought them from amazon for $45 Can’t wait till I get them. I love your recommendations. I buy most of my gadgets based off your reviews so thanks again

  • Josh

    I own these, and I wouldn’t recommend another pair of ear phones, Best earphones to buy that won’t drain your checking account!