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If I’m ever in need of a specific accessory for any of my devices, be it Apple or any other device, one of my go-to stores is Mobile Fun. If you don’t know who they are, they are a mobile accessory retailer who just seems to stock everything. They’ve sent me out their ‘iPhone 5 Ultimate Pack’ to take a look at, and I can assure you it’s got pretty much everything you’ll ever need for your new iPhone – with a bit more thrown into the bargain.

The Case

Of course any iPhone pack needs to come with a case. Whatever your outlook on your device’s protection, you can’t deny it’s probably the most used accessory on any iDevice. This particular case is nothing special, it’s a basic TPU-like case which performs as any case should. It’s nice to see they didn’t include a silicone case, as I’m sure you know my feelings on them by now. The buttons and controls are covered, but at the end of the day it’s a basic case and it provides a basic amount of protection. You may lose some style on your iPhone, but if you want a really high end case go and pick one up on it’s own! Mobile Fun have a large range of iPhone 5 Cases.


Screen Protectors

Also included are a pack of 5 screen protectors, which is slight overkill in my opinion. I can’t actually comment on the quality of these screen protectors, due to that fact that I don’t use them on my phone for a variety of different reasons. I find they are much more trouble than they are worth, however I would imagine that in a already low budget accessory pack, including 5 screen protectors is not the best way to keep costs low. Screen protectors have a habit of being awful quality unless you spend the premium required to buy a good one. I’m purely saying this from experience, and if you’re purely looking to stop your keys from ruining your screen, this will definitely perform that function.



iPhone stands are very much a love it or hate it type thing. Some people, like me, love them and the function they provide and some people just can’t understand why having your phone sitting on your desk doesn’t do you just fine. Fortunately enough anyway, the pack includes 2 stands. One for more heavy duty use and one for portable usage. The portable stand is pretty much useless, and I much prefer to just hold my phone.

This being said however the more heavy duty of the two is actually pretty good. Apart from the slightly strange angle that it takes, the hardware on it is solid – from the metal base down to the suction cup portion. However one of the biggest downsides of the micro suction technology, is that it doesn’t play to friendly with cases, which is a big turn off for me. But nevertheless, a nice inclusion.



In Car Accessories

Lastly we have two items designed to make driving a little easier. First is a in car charger, which allows two USB devices, like an iPhone 5, to be powered off an in car power supply. This is very handy for certain people, but due to Lightning compatibility issues you will need to remember to bring the cable you received with the iPhone.

Finally we have the car support, which is the best product in the pack in my opinion. This is a suction based window mount, designed to hold your iPhone for ease of use. I myself don’t drive, but I was able to test this just as well on my window. It works exceedingly well, with great build quality and feels pretty premium. Put simply, I wouldn’t be upset if I was to buy this on it’s own.



I’ve been extremely impressed with this pack. Sure, all the products aren’t top of the range, but the price puts it in perspective. Buying this ‘Ultimate Pack’ is gonna set you back just $26,99. For that price, you get a pretty good selection of products, which will have you covered for most eventualities you will need to face with your shiny new iPhone 5.

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