3 years ago

The App Switcher has always been a weak point within iOS, it’s a bit lackluster. It displays limited functionality, with only 4 apps on screen at a time and the entire rest of the screen is wasted. JLauncher jailbreak tweak aims to remedy this problem, and it does it well. Using a full screen interface, it displays all the main functionality that you really need in a switcher – although I would have liked to see a few more toggles. Check it out:

For the asking price of $1.99, the tweak really delivers. All of the animations are smooth, there are no glitches for what I can see, and the only slight error that I found is that closing applications isn’t totally functional yet. I’m sure this will be fixed in a future update though.

You can find JLauncher over on the BigBoss repo, so let me know if you decide to try it out. Also, what’s your favourite App Switcher alternative and why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.ernst.7374 Alex Ernst

    imperium is way better

  • Wojtek

    Or WeeKillBackground. Kills all apps after 1 click in Notification Center.

  • Cross

    ah… hum…. What does it do again???? LOL

  • iOwnacSess

    Switchy is my fav. Keeps it simple. missionboard is ok, but could use an update. I got jlauncher, but I didn’t like only being able to see the first 4 apps normally in the switcher. Switchy is like the stock switcher but bigger and w/ important basic features