Today, TechCrunch released some of the first pictures of a new piece of technology called Shine, that acts as an activity tracker for how active you’re staying during the day. It clips on to you, and will record your motion and activity levels throughout the day, allowing you to download them to your iPhone. This shiny device is made by Misfit Wearables, a company founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this device is its method of connecting to the iPhone. It doesn’t use Bluetooth, or any type of cord, and even works when the device is in airplane mode. To connect to your iPhone, you simply open the app, and set Shine down on top of the phone, as it downloads all the data. Misfit Wearables is keeping the inner workings of this method secret, to give them a competitive edge.

The design of this product is stellar, and it looks as though John Sculley took a little bit of Apple design skill with him when he left the company. Shine’s simplistic nature makes it very appealing, and it fits almost perfectly in your hand. It even has a minimalistic display in the form of a ring of lights, that lets you know how much of your goal for the day you have completed.

The device is planned to go on sale next year for just $99 dollars, witch an available wristband accessory for $20. So far this looks like a very promising product, and as you can see from the pictures, it is quite a beautiful device. Stay tuned for any more info about Shine, and we will be sure to update you if any more news is released.

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      It looks pretty cool, I’d buy it.

  • Austin

    Mark of the beast

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    Omg the copied apple in every aspect of the video

  • Mark Richardson

    I know I’m lazy. Why would I spend $99 to remind myself?

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      same here. i am fat, lazy and dont want to excersize but i gotta