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This year at the D11 conference Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was interviewed on his views on vision of Apple and the future of innovation at the company.

Tim Cook’s Stance On TV

He ignores the real question about a TV project at Apple by talking about how the current Apple TV has been selling well. He then states multiple times that Apple has many ideas but does not go into any details.

Kara: Talk about TV?

Tim: Apple TV sales increasing. This business has found many, many more customers that love the Apple TV experience. Great for customers and very good for an Apple learning point of view. Lots of us would agree that the TV space could be improved.

Walt: What’s holding back the TV project, technical stuff? Hollywood?

Tim: I don’t want to go into technical details. TV remains an area of great interest to us. The work we’ve done on current Apple TV provides more knowledge than what we would have without that product. The popularity of the Apple TV has been greater than expected. It is encouraging. The TV experience is not an experience that many people love. It’s not an experience that you would say has been brought to date for this decade. It is like the experience from 10, 20 years and go.

Kara: What, in broad terms, would you want in a TV.

Tim: I don’t want to go into more detail on this. There is a “very grand” vision for TV. I have nothing to announce, but it is an area of incredible interest.

Tim Cook’s Stance On Wearables

It is clear that he is not fond of the current wearables on the market. He states that there are ones that work well with iOS but no great product. He does not like the idea of Google Glass due to the fact that it requires glasses, is obtrusive, and fashion questionable. He hints at an Apple watch when he states ” I think the wrist is interesting. It is somewhat natural. I think for something to work [on the wrist], you have to convince people why it is worth wearing them. The sensor field is going to explode.”


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    this is a good straight forward amd very accurate interpretation of what apple has to announce in the upcoming month . Thanks oh and i hope that ipod touch is still pm for grabs